Content from 2013

East Cameron Folkcore - "Sallie Mae": SXSW 2013 Showcasing Artist

East Cameron Folkcore (ECF) is a collection of individual artists working for a common goal: to create music that resonates, that tells stories, and that speaks the truth. This 11-piece band performs authentic, American music at its most raw and simple definition: a blend of wide-ranging sounds combining folk, blues, rock, country, jazz, bluegrass and punk that articulates the varied background and influences of all the players. It is a sound that is as familiar as it is totally new to the ears, and it is all their own.

Dual Core - "All Things": SXSW 2013 Showcasing Artist

There are at least 2 bands with the name Dual Core 1) A nerdcore band with members from England and US 2) A Psy Trance project from Israel 1) int eighty and c64 are… Dual Core. Actually they are just two guys. int eighty is a programmer in Cincinnati, Ohio; and c64 is a graphic designer in Greater Manchester, England. They originally met several years ago on an underground hip hop website. “His beats made me want to rap, and he quickly became one of my favorite producers,” recalls eighty in regards to c64’s production.

Dana Falconberry - "Lake Charlevoix": SXSW 2013 Showcasing Artist

Dana Falconberry suffuses the majesty of nature in the orchestral pop-folk she elegantly crafts in Leelanau, her inaugural release on Oakland, CA's Antenna Farm Records. Citing influences ranging from the prints of artist Gwen Frostic, the books of Willa Cather, and the stark, childs-eye beauty of the Swedish film Let The Right One In, Falconberry finds lyrical inspiration in her idyllic childhood retreats to the Great Lakes State's Leelanau peninsula. The result is a set of eloquent verse reflecting upon the region to which she has returned almost every summer since she was born.

Christopher Rees - "Alright Squires": SXSW 2013 Showcasing Artist

Christopher Rees is a solo artist, singer, song writer, multi instrumentalist, band leader, producer and record label director. He performs with a full band and in a solo capacity. Christopher Rees released the much touted 'Kiss Me Kill Me' EP via FFvinyl in 2001, receiving a Welsh Music Award nomination for ‘Best Male Solo Act’ two years running in 2002 and 2003, and made history by becoming the first act in over a decade to support former Velvet Underground legend John Cale during a 2001 UK tour.

8 Kilometros - "Analgesicos": SXSW 2013 Showcasing Artist

8 Kilómetros is defined from a phrase "Make it Possible." Their show is an extension of this desire (“Make it Possible”). They leave on stage all the power of pop punk in Spanish, and communicate beyond language with a show full of energy and adrenaline. The theme of their songs turns around common themes like love, heartbreak, friendship and hope, in a 40 minute show with a basic rock band (two guitars, a bass and drums).

ROXY ROCA - "Try My Love": SXSW Showcasing Artist

"I'm on a mission from God," Taye Cannon deadpanned before breaking into laughter. "Well, maybe not exactly, but it kinda felt that way at first, and it still does sometimes." Ok, so the Blues Brothers reference is a little cringe-worthy, but it's an apt description for the path Cannon traveled assembling Austin-based ROXY ROCA, although the Blues Brothers story starts off in jail, and Taye's starts in, well, Alabama. Close enough.

League of Extraordinary Gz - "Hankuri (prod. by Shane Eli)": SXSW 2013 Showcasing Artist

“How many of ya’ll are familiar with the League of Extraordinary G’z?” was the question posed by Bavu Blakes, indie rap veteran and reigning godfather of the Austin Texas Hip Hop scene, as he stood on a dimly lit stage in the summer of 2009 introducing a highly anticipated debut live performance. The crowd of locals exploded. They were familiar.

Wild Child - "Pillow Talk": SXSW 2013 Showcasing Artist

Indie-folk pop band from Austin, Texas, began as an acoustic duo consisting of Kelsey Wilson and Alexander Beggins singing ukulele love songs written and shared over red wine and old photographs. With northern U.S. parks and fields as their backdrop and a tour van as their practice studio, Kelsey and Alexander formed their first ten songs, flawlessly documenting the ups and downs of a less than idealistic yet enchanting romance.

The Crookes - "Afterglow": SXSW 2013 Showcasing Artist

The Crookes consist of George Waite, Daniel Hopewell, Russell Bates and Tom Dakin. The Sheffield-based newpop dreamers have announced their umpteenth tour of a sizzingly busy career. The past three years have seen them release two full albums, one mini album and a slew of jaggedly romantic indiepop singles, as well as tour their tyres off in hot pursuit of international glory. Autumn 2012 sees no let up in their handsomely hectic schedule to promote their new 'Hold Fast' album.