Filmmakers Andy Landen, Saar Klein, Jocelyn Towne & Simon Helberg
Written by Jim Kolmar | February 25, 2014

Filmmakers in Focus - Sequoia, Things People Do and We'll Never Have Paris

The three films in today's Filmmakers in Focus are essentially portraits of people trying to wrangle control of their own fates. These three very different films - a pensive meditation on the life of crime; a deceptively light tale of a young woman forced to confront the fragility of life;...

Filmmakers John Fiege, Cary Bell, Travis Rummel & Ben Knight
Written by Jim Kolmar | February 3, 2014

Filmmakers in Focus - Above All Else, Butterfly Girl & Damnation

In this edition of Filmmakers in Focus we talk to the filmmakers behind three truly inspiring, cinematic films in our Documentary Spotlight program. Austin filmmakers John Fiege and Cary Bell discuss Above All Else and Butterfly Girl, respectively, two very different but equally galvanizing films that tackle...