SXSW Hackathon

The SXSW Hackathon (formerly the SXSW Music Hackathon) is 24 straight hours of buzzing, high-tech creativity as music, VR/AR, and film hacker/creators use their programming knowledge and our collection of music, visual APIs, and coding assets to develop their industry-changing prototypes and compete for cash prizes, awarded by our panel of celebrity judges.

Music Hackathon at SXSW 2016. Photo by Randy and Jackie Smith

Music Hackathon at SXSW 2016. Photo by Randy and Jackie Smith

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About SXSW Hackathon


SXSW invites hackers, creators, makers, and coders to converge to solve problems, create new tools, and push the boundaries of existing tech across entertainment media. From March 14-15, over the course of 24 hours during SXSW, hackers will collaborate and compete in three hack categories: Music, Film, and VR/AR.

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Questions our hackers can/will address within or across each category:

Commerce & Industry
How is money getting to artists, creators, and rights-holders and can emerging technology like blockchain or micro-licensing help facilitate and manage the process? How can creatives connect with the right industry players to mutually further careers?

How can musicians, filmmakers, or VR/AR designers use tech to create, perform, and display in new ways? What tools can we create to make the process easier or more inventive?

With the fragmentation of distribution systems, physical media, and streaming options, how do I get my work out to the public and in front of my ideal audience?

How can we improve the fan, customer, listener, viewer or user experience?

How can creators collaborate more easily and more creatively across audio, visual, and immersive fields?

Participating hackers get to show off their skills, play with the coolest APIs from each category, work with our Artist/Entrepreneurs-in-Residence, and present to high-profile industry celeb judges in one crazy, marathon 24-hour coding experience. A variety of programming/hacking expertise is welcome to join, and you can apply solo, as part of an existing team, or be partnered up with other hackers during the event!

Hackathon Judges: Josh Constine (Techcrunch), Werner Vogels (Amazon CTO), Robert Scoble (Transformation Group VR). Santiago Rodriguez (Andreessen Horowitz), Ann Greenberg (Sceneplay, Gracenote), David Dufresne (500 Startups Canada), Gigi Johnson (UCLA Center for Music Innovation), Benji Rogers (Dot Blockchain, Pledge Music).

Creatives in Residence: Andrew Jones (Android Jones, Microdose VR), Kiran Gandhi (MIA, Madame Gandhi), Chris Hughes (Network of One) Elmo Lovano (Jammcard, Drummer), Evan Bartholomew (Bluetech, Microdose VR), David Block (The Human Experience), Josema Roig (Argos File), and film producer Tara Ansley (Tragedy Girls).

Mentors: Panos Panay (Sonicbids, BerkleeICE), Dano Leman (Anderson .Paak, Lukas Graham), Mazy Kazerooni (digital strategist for Top 100 Hip-Hop artists, Brand Brigade), Danny Lee (, digital), Jonathan Tzou (iStaging, Data School), Justin Brezhnev (Hacker Fund), and Arpit Gupta (MIT).

Interested in sponsorships/API involvement? Fill out the contact form to reach a representative.

Produced in coordination with Travis Laurendine of CODEMKRS.

2017 Hackathon Sponsors


MapQuest | MapQuest for Business powers thousands of businesses with location-enabled solutions. Access innovative tools critical to geospatial applications through our APIs and SDKs.

SOCAN | SOCAN is leading the global transformation of music rights, leveraging the power of technology as one of the world’s top music rights organizations.

Twitter | Twitter is your live connection to culture, customers, entertainment, politics, and what’s happening in the world right now.

Sonos | Sonos® creates the leading home sound system. In 60+ countries, with dozens of streaming music providers, thousands of retailers, and in millions of homes, Sonos is dedicated to transforming the experience of listening to music in the home.

IBM | IBM, a founding member of the Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger Project, is working with hundreds of clients to transform their industries with blockchain.

Even | The world’s first headphones that adapt to the unique way you hear with groundbreaking Even EarPrint technology.

PubNub | Realtime Apps made simple. APIs for developers building secure realtime Mobile, Web, and IoT applications.

Cloudinary | Cloudinary is a feature-rich, high-performance image & video BaaS (backend-as-a-service) for developers building websites and mobile apps.

Wolfram | The latest Wolfram technology stack makes it possible for you to develop and deploy useful applications in minutes.

Devpost | Devpost helps developers find fulfilling work by powering online and in-person hackathons and giving developers insights into the best teams to join.

MediaNet Digital | MediaNet is the industry’s leading global B2B digital music data, rights, and services platform.

Merge VR | Merge VR is a virtual reality company focused on making VR fun and easy for everyone, ages 10 and up.

Microdose VR | Microdose VR is a creative flow state simulator merging the disciplines of art, music, and dance into a real time generated virtual reality experience. Created by Vision Agency, a VR studio founded by Android Jones, Anson Phong and Scott Hedstrom. | SYNQ is a video API for developers. With our API you can upload, store, transcode and deliver video with a few lines of code.

Titan Platform | Titan Platform delivers smarter content across smarter devices with a full ecosystem of products including smart content devices, transactional platforms, and displays for VR, music, and film.

Verizon ThingSpace | The Verizon ThingSpace platform simplifies the model for IoT, making it easier and more accessible to develop IoT apps.

Square | Square gives you everything you need to accept payments and run your entire business from one place.

Amper Music | With Amper’s API, connect with the leading A.I. music composer and create custom, royalty-free music in seconds.

2016 Hackathon Recap

What happens when you bring programmers and creatives together? Discover more about the SXSW Hackathon in this 2016 recap, "5 Things I Learned at the SXSW Music Hackathon."

2016 SXSW Music Hackathon Winners

2016 SXSW Music Hackathon Winners photo by Randy and Jackie Smith

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