Don't Miss the Fusion Party on Sunday, March 9

Photo by Jojo Marion

Don’t miss the SXSW Fusion Party on Sunday, March 15.

At the Fusion Party, the creative worlds of Interactive and Film come together for an incredible evening of cross-fest mingling. Few other events bring together the creative communities in the way that SXSWeek does. Filmmakers, designers, social media mavens, producers, activists and more converge – and the results can launch a thousand ships.

Beyond the networking factor, people outside of your industry can expose you to new ways of thinking. In our estimation, the SXSW Fusion Party is one of the best places to connect with attendees beyond your traditional network.

Sunday, March 15
Time and Location TBD

Open to Interactive, Film, Gold and Platinum badgeholders.

Fusion Party at SXSW 2013. Photo Credits (from top): JoJo Marion, Jen Bertrand, JoJo Marion.