List of 2014 Gear Exhibitors


Stand 312

9008 Squire Ct.
Indianapolis, IN 46250
United States

Phone  317-755-8822


Company Profile allows users to convert a basement recording into a rich symphony of sound in minutes.

The application is a fully automated web-based service that allows recording artists and engineers of all types to engineer audio files into professional, broadcast-quality tracks — ready for optimal play over streaming services or traditional CD media. The cost-effective alternative to audio mastering services uses similar advanced engineering logic — achieving consistent playback across the wide variety of systems, speakers, and mobile devices music audiences choose to listen with.

Users can master their latest budget production in a fraction of the cost of professional audio services, turn mix-downs into mastered work within minutes, turn demos into professional sounding recordings, and tweak mixes before spending money on a pro mastering studio. In addition, TrackBoost can help EQ and optimize individual tracks, such as a single guitar track or voice track. It opens up access to a process previously reserved for professional audio engineers, allowing artists to focus on writing and recording music, while increasing the speed in which they can share and promote their work.

The company is based out of the fast-growing technology scene in Indianapolis, IN. For more information, visit: