List of 2014 Gear Exhibitors

Engler Innovations

Stand 217

480 American Ave
King of Prussia, PA 19406

Phone  610-265-6344


Company Profile
Creativity drives experimentation, and anything that helps us push into new territory musically, is worth the adventure. Modern guitarists are surrounded by a digital soundscape. Stomp on a pedal, flip a switch, or click a mouse, and a world of post-signal effects is there waiting . . . which is pretty awesome, but it becomes easy to forget the source: how a guitarist interacts with their instrument. Engler Innovations expanded upon interaction to develop the Engle. The Engle is the world's first percussion instrument for guitar. It's one of many "acoustic effects," like slides, picks, capos, resonators, whammy bars, etc., meant to broaden the sonic boundaries of that interaction between a guitarist and their instrument.