SXSW Family of Events

SXSW Music | March 15 - 20, 2016

SXSW Music 2016 The SXSW Music Conference & Festival is a six-day event. The conference offers unmatched access to ideas and global viewpoints on an increasingly borderless industry. It aims to educate and inspire musicians and professionals alike, with sessions attended by over 30,000 registrants and showcasing artists. A large multi-industry trade show exhibition, Music Gear Expo and daytime stage performances round out the day while evenings are devoted to the SXSW Music Festival, which showcases over 2,200 acts ranging from the unsigned to the iconic.

SXSW Film | March 11 - 19, 2016

SXSW Film 2016 For nine days in March, creatives of all stripes gather at the SXSW Film Conference & Festival to celebrate raw innovation and emerging talent both behind and in front of the camera. Featuring a high caliber and diverse film lineup, conversations with today’s most talented creators, one-on-one mentor sessions and more, SXSW Film brings together visionaries from all corners of the entertainment and media industry to share the stories and ideas that will shape the future of filmmaking.

SXSW Interactive | March 11 - 15, 2016

SXSW Interactive 2016 The SXSW Interactive Festival is an incubator of cutting-edge technologies and digital creativity, the 2016 event features five days of compelling presentations and panels from the brightest minds in emerging technology, scores of exciting networking events hosted by industry leaders and an unbeatable lineup of special programs showcasing the best new websites, video games and startup ideas the community has to offer. From hands-on training to big-picture analysis of the future, SXSW Interactive has become the place to preview the technology of tomorrow today.

SXSW Eco | October 10-12, 2016

SXSW Eco 2015 SXSW Eco® celebrates the power of business, technology and design to drive economic, environmental and social change. The 2015 conference will create a space for business leaders, investors, innovators and designers to participate in a series of interactive, provocative programming, build strategic alliances and find real solutions.

SXSWedu | March 7 - 10, 2016

SXSWedu 2016 SXSWedu® Conference & Festival fosters innovation in learning by hosting a diverse and energetic community of stakeholders from a variety of backgrounds in education. The four-day event affords registrants open access to engaging sessions, interactive workshops, hands on learning experiences, film screenings, early stage startups and a host of networking opportunities. By providing a platform for collaboration, SXSWedu works to promote creativity and social change.

SXSW V2V | July 19 - 22, 2015

SXSW V2V 2015 SXSW V2V® is the newest addition to the SXSW family of events. This four-day boutique event brings the startup and venture capital communities together with the other creative industries. SXSW V2V serves innovators and entrepreneurs from across all the industries —technology, music, film, fashion, health, education, sustainability, and more—as they learn the skills, make the connections, and find the inspiration to take their ideas and talents to the next level.