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March 13 – 19, 2017

The SXSW Music Festival is one of the largest and most influential global music industry events of the year, taking place every March in Austin, Texas – the Live Music Capital of the World.

SuperGlu photo courtesy of the artist

SuperGlu photo courtesy of the artist

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Each year the SXSW Music Festival hosts a comprehensive mix of brand new, up-and-coming, international, and legendary artists performing in bars, clubs, parks, churches, hotels, and just about everywhere you can imagine around Austin, Texas. The festival is the destination for influential music industry professionals, international media, and fans alike who all share a passion for new music discovery.

Not limited in genre or region, audiences can enjoy a vast variety of musical styles at SXSW. It’s home for both independent and commercial rock, pop, hip-hop, folk, electronic, Americana, Latin, world and traditional, singer-songwriter, experimental, and everything in between. At the 2016 edition, over 67 countries were represented amongst the 2,200-plus official performers.

Record labels, booking agencies, management and PR firms, export offices, publishers, and more present full lineups showcasing their rosters. Media outlets, lifestyle brands, festivals, and other music service companies support and showcase musicians who reflect their brand identity. Additional nightly shows are curated with new and raw talent looking to enhance their careers and gain unparalleled exposure to new audiences.

SXSW registrants enjoy priority admission to the official showcases, encouraging the networking, discovery, and exposure of these amazing musicians to industry attendees.

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