Bitcoin Boom at SXSW: Fred Ehrsam of Coinbase Talks With Rolfe Winkler on Monday, March 10

Written by Jessica Cox | Tuesday, Feb 4, 2014

See Fred Ehrsam of Coinbase on March 10 at SXSW Interactive

Fred Ehrsam, co-founder of Coinbase, joins Rolfe Winkler of WSJD for an engaging conversation on the evolution and future of Bitcoin on Monday, March 10 at 12:30pm in Ballroom D.

Coinbase, known to many as the most well respected bitcoin wallet service, supports 890,000 consumer wallets, serves 22,000 merchants, and supports 4,000 API applications. With over $31 million in venture capital funding earned over its short year and a half life, Coinbase has proved a dominant force in management of the growing digital currency.

Ehrsam previously traded foreign exchange at Goldman Sachs in New York. In January 2013, he joined Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong as the company's first employee. Armstrong was impressed with Ehrsam's Bitcoin management solutions--from the trading algorithm to the mobile application engineering--and the pair set out to make the mystifying currency system easier to use for consumers and merchants.

The work has clearly paid off: in December, Coinbase raised $25 million in a Series B round led by Andreessen Horowitz. And as bitcoin becomes more stable and major retailers such as begin accepting payments, the market continues to prove is wide-spread viability.

Attend this talk on Monday, March 10 at 12:30pm to learn more about the myths and potential of this open source, peer-to-peer payment system. “Is Bitcoin The Future of Money” will occur in Ballroom D on the top floor of the Austin Convention Center. All sessions that take place in Ballroom D are convergence and therefore open to all Interactive, Film, Gold and Platinum badgeholders.