Film Submission Tips: Overnighting Your Screener

Written by Blake Kammerdiener | Monday, Aug 26, 2013

Photo by Jarod NeeceIn our submission instructions we list two addresses to send your film to, our PO Box for the general post and an address for overnight packages. This brings up the question, when should you overnight your film?

It is only necessary to overnight your film to us to meet the proper deadlines.

The SXSW Film Festival does operate under a RECEIVED BY DEADLINE, meaning we want your film in our offices on or before the date of the deadline you applied under. Unless you are running up to the deadline to finish your submission cut, it is not necessary to overnight your film to us. So save yourself some money and send your film through snail mail today!

Don't know our deadlines? Check them out here!

Photo by Jarod Neece