Film Submission Tips: Uploading Your Film

Written by Gabe Van Amburgh | Tuesday, Oct 1, 2013

Modeselektor - Evil Twin. Courtesy Dent.De.CuirWith the upcoming Early Submission Deadline on Thursday, October 3rd, we wanted to give you a couple tips to keep in mind when uploading your Short Film, Music Video or Feature film to YouTube and Vimeo.

When uploading your film to YouTube, the most important Privacy Setting to select is Unlisted and not Private. When the film is set to Private, only people that are logged into your personal YouTube account can view your film. Selecting the Unlisted option allows you to share the link with us, while keeping your film unlisted from online searches or anyone who doesn’t have a direct link.

If you choose Vimeo to host your film, click on the Privacy tab and select the Only people with a password option. This will keep your film private from the public and allow you to set a password.

The film link URL text box in the Film Application is for your full length film ONLY and not for links to trailers, clips, behind the scene docs, etc.

To learn more about submitting to SXSW Film browse our SXFilmTips and Submission FAQ! When you're ready to submit, head to this page.

Image from *Modeselektor - Evil Twin music video, SXSW 2013 . Courtesy Dent.De.Cuir*