Last Orders at the Film Submissions Saloon!

Written by Jim Kolmar | Thursday, Nov 14, 2013
Hey Bartender, photo courtesy 4th Row Films

Did you submit your film to SXSW yet?

No? Well, put down that cup of coffee, put on some clothes, pick up your laptop and head to this page to complete an application. Short film or music video? Lucky you - you get to submit your film via a link (more info on this handy post).

But if you want to submit a feature, you're probably out of luck - DVDs must be received by end of day today, so hopefully your screener package is winging its way to us right now.

If you need more general information on SXSW Film submissions. check out the submissions FAQ on this page, and stay tuned for further announcements!

Photo of 2013 alum Hey Bartender courtesy 4th Row Films