SXSW Alumni Films - Watch Now! Friday, August 23

Written by Linda Park | Friday, Aug 23, 2013


Narrative Spotlight, 2013
Beer is a truth serum. Relationships can be complicated. Join Olivia Wilde, Ron Livingston, Jake Johnson and Anna Kendrick as they navigate the tricky waters of love and attraction... and how those two feelings aren't always directed at your partner.
Opens Today


SXSW Alumni Film Scenic Route


Narrative Spotlight, 2013
Josh Duhamel has a mohawk. And crutches. And some anger issues.
Opens Today. Trailer

SXSW Alumni Film Short Term 12


Narrative Feature Competition, 2013
Brie Larson is earning rave reviews for this film, which centers around life at a group home for at-risk teens. Delve into the lives of its inhabitants as Larson's Grace and (personal fave) John Gallagher Jr.'s Mason become immersed in their trials and tribulations. There will be tears.
Opens Today. Trailer

SXSW Alumni Film You're Next


Midnighters, 2013
The trailer opens with Lou Reed's "Perfect Day" which should clue you in that this is going to be anything but for Erin and Crispian. You're Next is a delightful home invasion romp featuring a gang who wear cute animal masks. A gang who wear cute animal masks and want to kill you.
Opens Today. Trailer


SXSW Alumni Film Bad Milo

BAD MILO (screened as MILO)

Narrative Spotlight, 2013
This film gives new meaning to the term "butthurt." This film gives new meaning to the phrase "Party in my pants." You totes want to see it now, right?
August 29. Trailer

SXSW Alumni Film Rewind This!


Documentary Spotlight, 2013
VHS... gone but not forgotten! #neverforget
August 27. Trailer

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You're Next photo by Taylor Glasscock
Bad Milo photo by Alex Lombardi
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