Video Spotlight - Don Jon Red Carpet & Q&A

Written by Jim Kolmar | Wednesday, Oct 9, 2013

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a familiar face at SXSW, and he returned this year with his directorial debut, Don Jon (screened here as Don Jon's Addiction).

A raucous, provocative romantic comedy of sorts, the film stars Gordon-Levitt as the titular hero, a man caught in the sweaty grip of a porn addiction. However, when Barbara (played by Scarlett Johansson) enters his life, Don Jon is forced to take a hard look at himself as the prospect of new romance throws his life into disarray.

The writer/director/star was on hand at SXSW, along with co-star and national treasure Tony Danza. Check out the Red Carpet video above to hear what they had to say, and head to this page for more great videos. Don't forget, you need to register for a badge to see Red Carpet events at SXSW 2014. Find out how on this page!.