Are You Ready for PanelPicker?

Written by Jim Kolmar | Tuesday, Apr 29, 2014
Photo by Jessy Huff

Summer is around the corner, bringing the ever-evolving PanelPicker with it. Do you have your idea in place yet? Don't worry, the interface doesn't open until July 1, but it's never too early to consider how to make your proposal stand out from the crowd.

Start thinking about your materials now. Do you have a video online that might inspire voters? Or maybe a slideshow? Whatever it is, remember that while supplemental material is a great potential vote booster, it needs to be relevant to the proposal. Sure, you have an amazing idea for a distribution panel, but your presentation on sound mixing may not be the right fit.

The PanelPicker launches in a couple of months, on July 1, so you still have some time. If you need inspiration, browse our 2014 panels here, and find out how to contact us on this page.

We’re looking forward to reading your ideas!