Countdown to PanelPicker: Digital Domain

Written by Austin Nauert | Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Starting on July 1st PanelPicker will be open to public submissions for the 2015 Film Conference.

From now until PanelPicker closes at the end of July, we will highlight successful PanelPicker sessions from SXSW Film 2014 across six of our categories (Digital Domain, Future 15, Meet the Insiders, Meet Ups, Sessions, and Workshops), while illustrating the characteristics we are looking for in this year’s crop of proposals.

We're kicking off this blog series with one of our convergence categories, Digital Domain.

Digital Domain was created in 2012 to showcase the exciting and unpredictable new directions that storytellers are taking in the constantly evolving digital landscape, such as web series, interactive documentaries, apps, rich media projects, data visualization, web generated content, and other unconventional strategies.

New Narratives: Building An Interactive Storyworld was among the Digital Domain proposals submitted for 2014. This particular session focused on telling stories in the digital space and how digital storytelling via interactive storyworlds is a great way to reach and engage audiences. The proposal jumped out because of its unique and concentrated focus on interactive storytelling, featuring a well qualified and diverse group of speakers. With PanelPicker submissions, whether applying for Digital Domain or another category, we look for this kind of focus, and proposals that take a unique or unusual angle on an important topic. You can listen to the entire session below.

Remember, PanelPicker opens for public submissions on July 1st and will be open until July 25th. We look forward to receiving your submissions, and if you have any questions about the PanelPicker process feel free to e-mail us at In our next post we are going to highlight a session from our Workshop category. Stay tuned!