Countdown to PanelPicker: More Future 15

Written by Austin Nauert | Friday, Jun 27, 2014

Still from Bumper by OrnanaIt’s almost time! PanelPicker finally opens next Tuesday, July 1, and we’re excited to read your submissions. Today’s Countdown to PanelPicker - the final one before we launch - looks again at Future 15.

Ornana Films have presented work with us on a number of occasions, including the 2014 film bumpers (pictured). We were thrilled to include a presentation from Ornana’s Jim Cummings, proposed via PanelPicker as The Digital Recession. We liked this submission because it investigated the way digital video has lowered the barriers of entry to the industry, but instead of looking simply at content creation, Jim focused on the difficulties of financial survival, and how to make it professionally beyond acquiring an audience.

For Future 15s especially, we like to see speakers take an unusual stance, with different presenters looking at the same subject from different angles. Don’t be afraid to take a stand in your proposal.

Remember, PanelPicker opens for public submissions on July 1st and will be open until July 25th. If you do not already have an account, it’s free and you can create one here. We look forward to receiving your submissions, and if you have any questions about the PanelPicker process feel free to e-mail us at

Photo courtesy Ornana