Film Bag Art Sneak Peak, plus Interview with Artist "Truth"

Written by Claudette Godfrey | Thursday, Feb 27, 2014

SXSW Film Bag Art sneak preview? Damn right we have a SXSW Film Bag Art sneak preview! We pride ourselves on the designs emblazoned across our sturdy, re-usable big bags each year, and this year we've enlisted the help of Austin's own Mike Johnston, a.k.a. "Truth."

We spoke to Mike about the design, and you can see more of his work at his website, here. Check out a sneaky glimpse of the artwork above, and remember - if you want your very own bag with Mike's art, register for a Film, Gold or Platinum badge, and glory can be yours! Over to Mike:

Mike Johnston courtesy TruthWe know you're an artist, but how do you pay the bills?

I'm an elementary art teacher and on the side I sell paintings and create murals. My street art has been a great tool for free-advertising!

What was your artistic process for creating this bag? What was your inspiration?

When I imagine the ritual of going to the cinema I picture myself being transported to another world. So I wanted to create an image that showed this and allowed the viewer to also be transported. Because at the end of the day, who wouldn't want to be floating in the sky with fantastic dinosaur creatures and happy clouds?!

What's next for you?

ACL just approached me about designing a poster for them. That's really exciting for me! I'm also smiling just thinking about the wild adventure of being a FULL-TIME artist which I'll jump into starting this June when this school year comes to an end!

What are you looking forward to at SXSW?

I'm really fired up about seeing the new Jimi Hendrix move with Andre 3000. And there's a good chance I'll have a live-painting gig at a Young Money party. So I have to say, "Life is good!" Thanks for taking the time to read my responses... feel free to check out more of my art at

No Mike - Thank YOU!!!

Photo of Truth, courtesy Mike Johnston