PanelPicker Case Studies: Sessions

Written by Austin Nauert | Friday, Jul 18, 2014

Photo by Ernesto CastilloPanelPicker is open for submissions for only one more week, so get your proposals in while you still can! Today in our penultimate case study we are going to review a panel session from the 2014 conference.

Last year we received a PanelPicker submission from Matthew Mills entitled, How Not To Produce Movies. This submission immediately jumped out, with a diverse selection of speakers as well as an interesting approach to the subject matter. Submissions looking at how NOT to do something, or at how something failed can be just as enlightening as a proposal about how something else found success.

Remember, PanelPicker will be open for public submissions until July 25th. If you do not already have an account, it’s free and you can create one here. Also, you can find an archive of our previous case studies here. We look forward to receiving your submissions, and if you have any questions about the PanelPicker process feel free to e-mail us at

Photo by Ernesto Castillo