SXSW Film PanelPicker - Start Prepping!

Written by Jim Kolmar | Monday, May 12, 2014
Photo by Ernesto Castillo

In a few weeks time, PanelPicker will relaunch for the 2015 season. But what exactly is PanelPicker?

The SXSW Film Conference PanelPicker launched in 2010 to take advantage of the combined ingenuity of the film community. In other words, we want to see YOUR ideas for the content you would like to see at the SXSW Film Conference. Read general information on PanelPicker on this page, and notice that around 30% of our final conference program is derived from community submitted and voted proposals. That's a significant chunk, and demonstrates how important your voice can be in shaping our program.

So,do you have an idea for a session? Start preparing now, and get ready to submit your proposal to us from July 1!

Photo by Ernesto Castillo