The Rock Show with Rory Burbeck: SXSWfm's Newest Weekly Show

Written by Ali Killian | Friday, Aug 8, 2014

Speaking as a rock-music fan, those in our breed of fandom usually have those few bands whose discography you can listen to over and over again. Though we may have a variety of tastes and bands that we do like, we're interested in entire albums and the history of each group or genre, instead of just the singles. That's why the radio — which plays one or two songs from a variety of acts — sometimes just doesn't cut it. We want depth over spread.

The Rock Show with Rory Burbeck is just that.

SXSWfm's newest weekly radio show takes a handful of SXSW alumni acts and dives deep for an entire hour. Each Friday, Rory will examine those acts, whether that's a common thread, the bands' genres, the evolution of each act or something completely different. Join Rory in the exploration of rock each Friday at 12 & 6 CST for The Rock Show, radio that's anything but typical.

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