Austin Bands Reunite For A “Big Time” Show

Written by Rory Burbeck | Thursday, Jul 18, 2013

Poster for the Big Time Summer Rock ShowBig Time Summer Rock Show
is this Saturday, July 20, in Austin!

Written by Ron Suman

As we’re still building the historic part of the SXSWfm music library, including Austin bands that played SXSW in the earlier days and which surely contributed to the vibe that led to the “Keep Austin Weird” catch phrase, we have to call out an event taking place this weekend here in Austin known as Big Time Summer Rock Show.

The lineup includes bands, or members of bands, from a time when Ann Richards was Governor, half of Austin’s then 465,622 residents were under 30 years aged, Slacker came out on VHS tape, and cheap rent made Austin the early retirement community for young people.

Here are many of the acts that will perform this Saturday and that you’ll hear once in awhile on SXSWfm: Tim Kerr, MIGAS, Pocket FishRmen, Gorch Fock, Brown Whörnet, and Ed Hall. More details can be found here.