SXSWfm Specialty Shows

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Nathan Lankford, Host of Austin Connection Austin Connection
Austin Music
Every other Monday at 12 & 6 CT
Austin Connection is here to celebrate two great things: Austin music and SXSW. Over the years, the festival has given birth to a lot of great artists/musicians, but we wanted to make sure those in our own city didn't go overlooked.

B. Hobbs, Host of Tha Fixx Radio Tha Fixx Radio
Wednesdays at 12 & 6 CT
Tha Fixx Radio is SXSWfm’s weekly hip-hop show airing every Wednesday and is hosted by B. Hobbs. Tha Fixx Radio features the hottest new music from SXSW hip-hop performers past and present. B. Hobbs will be premiering exclusive tracks and sitting down for interviews with some of today’s biggest hip-hop stars.

Jake and Big Boi Honeycomb Hideout
Producer Showcase
Thursdays at 10 & 4 CT
A producer's showcase that ventures deep down into the crates to demonstrate a SXSW artist's versatility and vision.

Elizabeth Spruiell, Host of the Middle Biscuit The Middle Biscuit
Indie/Pop/Surf Rock Gems
Thursdays at 12 & 6 CT
What is the Middle Biscuit? Literally speaking, it is the warm, highly-coveted, center, perfect biscuit my brothers and I fought over when our Mom set down a pan of her homemade fare. Figuratively, the middle biscuit is a symbol representing any thing that is elite compared to those that surround it.

Cori Burford, Host of Bonafide Jams Bonafide Jams
Modern R&B, Funk & Hip-Hop
Fridays at 12 & 6 CT
Cori mixes Soul, Modern R&B, Hip Hop and more. Nothing but smooth jams... with an Australian accent.

This Week @ SXSW will return January 2016 This Week @ SXSW
SXSW Music Festival Weekly Update
Fridays at 10AM CT
Beginning January 22, 2016, SXSWfm will catch you up on the insane amount of artists the Music Fest team will add to the lineup every week. Check back later and get to the know the music of SXSW 2016!