Welcome to Four on the Floor, SXSW Music's guide to some of the many fine acts we have in store for you next March. As the lineup for the upcoming SXSW Music Festival evolves, we'll be looking for themes that connect four SXSW Showcasing Artists and previewing those artists here. These posts include an embedded SoundCloud file for each artist.

Tuesday Mar 10th, 2015

Four on the Floor: European Acts That Aren’t British

Written by John Stizza

In the world of pop music, the words “British Invasion” are among the first we think of when we consider acts from outside the United States, particularly from within Europe. But Europe has far more to offer than just British brilliance, especially in today’s industry. Here are four official ...

Thursday Mar 5th, 2015

Four on the Floor: Bands That Might Be Transformers

Written by John Stizza

As bands and artists begin the search, and accompanying arguments, to choose their artistic moniker, many names get tossed aside quickly due to their close relation or similarity to something else popular or misleading. Here are four Showcasing Artists performing at SXSW 2015 whose names sound like they could...