Inspiration Abounds with Art Around Town

Augmented Reality Mural - Re+Public

222 E 6th St.
March 7 - 16 Re+Public photo credit Jordan Seiler

While previously collaborating with other artists to bring their urban art to life, Re+Public will launch their first original content augmented reality mural at SXSW. This ambitious project combines a 2D wheat paste mural with a 3D, animated, and an interactive digital experience.

Through the Re+Public mobile device application (android / iOS), users can participate in public space by interacting with the mural and engaging its conceptual narrative. Working with the notions of production, advertising, and consumption, this interactive mural makes visible the operations that lie beneath our consumer behaviors and allows the users of the mobile app to have a measure of control in the cycle of production imaged in the mural. Additionally, this user participation will convert into a dataset that will provide a relevant public space metric. Viewable by free mobile app Re+Public in app store now!

Tree - Simon Heijdens

10th Anniversary at SXSW, Austin Texas
Federal Courthouse @ 5th and Nueces near Republic Square Park
Hilton @ 500 E 4th St. on the Southeast corner
March 7 - 16 Tree, Simon Heijdens

Ripples on a puddle of water, footsteps in the sand and slowly gathering grime. Natural processes are existent though becoming rare in our increasingly planned surrounding. While the trees on the streets are no longer nature but carefully controlled and managed, the wind that is moving its branches still is. A light installation that traces and amplifies the leftovers of nature in the urban surrounding.

White silhouettes of trees are projected 30-40' high onto the façades of several buildings in a city. Its branches and leaves moving either slightly or intense; directly depending on the measured wind that passes the façade of the building on which it is projected. Starting full of leaves at dawn, the tree looses one of its leaves each time someone passes. When the leaf breaks of its branch, it drops down on the ground nearby. Because the leaves are made of light, they increasingly illuminate the area as they grow in amount over the course of the evening.

In celebration of the 10th Anniversary of Heijdens' pivotal work Tree, an installation of the work in its original setting of 3 Trees throughout the city of Austin during the SXSW festival. After London, New York, Moscow, Tokyo, Berlin, Hong Kong, Milan, Beijing, Rotterdam, Milan, Hasselt, Eindhoven, Cologne, Nottingham and Amsterdam, Austin will mark the 22nd installation of Tree in the past decade.

Commissioned by SXSW with the kind support of Dutch Culture USA and the Downtown Austin Alliance.

SXSW Eco 2014 Light Garden

Republic Square Park
March 7 - 16

Art Installation- Eco Light Garden by Aaron Rogosin Join us for innovative and inspiring sculptures of light at the SXSW Eco Light Garden. The park has been curated with art from around the world, and this event is free and open to the public.

The Luminescent Grand

Republic Square Park
March 7 - 16
Luminescent Grand - Photo Courtesy of Clever Maven

The Luminescent Grand is the world's first ever interactive LED grand piano. The piece came as an inspiration to creator William Jerome, when he connected with computer programmer Zach Vorhies and fabricator Bill Cornelius. Using Arduino software, Neon Total Control lighting, and an all-acrylic digital grand piano, this radiant creation is a spectacular experience for the public to interact with.

Originally constructed for Burning Man, The Luminescent Grand has since gone through several iterations of programming and lighting design to showcase at SXSW. Please come enjoy this experience during the week! Artists: William Jerome, Zach Vorhies, Bill Cornelius, and Clever Maven Experiential

Photo Courtesy of Aaron Rogosin & Clever Maven

Light Field - The Windmill Factory (Musée du Louvre, MIT Media Lab, The New Museum, Nine Inch Nails with Robert Bose and Lumigeek

Republic Square Park
March 7 - 16

The Light Field is a floating pixel forest made from one hundred wirelessly controlled LED balloons. The installation is inspired by swimming with bioluminescence. Visitors are invited to pass through a grove of balloons, manipulating the color and speed of the Light Field, and transforming the visual landscape.

Leah Siegel of Leisure Cruise will guest perform live sets of music on the balloons. Artist: Jon Morris

Photo courtesy of The Windmill Factory

Tape Art - Max Zorn

Republic Square Park
March 7 - 16

Max Zorn is an emerging urban tape artist based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Only brown packing tape is used as a medium, while his artwork hangs on street lamps worldwide. He creates tape layers shaped with a scalpel on plexiglass – that when illuminated from behind -- reveals depth and contrasts of warm sepia colors. Together, with his straight lines and sharp subjects, Max Zorn's world is something out of a nostalgic Americana crime novel. Also appearing at Blackheart on March 8 for the SXSW Eco Launch Party, from 8pm-11pm.

Fractoid 2.2 - Lustix and 1028 Designs, Clever Maven Experiential

Republic Square Park
March 7 - 16 Art Installation- Fractoid

Fractoid 2.2 is a kinetic, projection-mapped sculpture. It is synced to a futuristic beat-machine and operates based off of audience interaction. Participants are invited to enter various combinations of keystrokes into a controller that will cause the sculpture to rotate into different shapes. Fractoid 2.2 challenges us to think about the relationship between space and information.

Intersection - Houndstooth Studio

Republic Square Park
March 7 - 16
Art Installation- Intersection

The edges of these geometric sculptures are trimmed with LED lights and sensors that allow the lights to react to people coming near them. The sculptures, which resemble molecules and other fractal forms in nature, will glow brighter as you approach them, creating an interactive, multi-sensory experience.

Cathedral of Mathgic - Ilya "Tinker" Pieper and Team Frabjous, Clever Maven Experiential

Republic Square Park
March 7 - 16
Art Installation- Mathgic

An interactive mathematical musical experience like none other designated as the Cafe Portal for Burning Man 2013, the center piece to the Cathedral of Mathgic is a Frabjous, a famous polyhedron shape comprised of 30 identical pieces which come together to create 20 points with 12 sides. The 10 ft diameter Frabjous is the largest ever built. Fifteen of the twenty points are capped with a metal tip which have touch capacitive sensors connected to it so you can touch and interact with the sculpture. This sound interactive sculpture will feature several different sets of soundscapes from various musicians including Ciara Blossom, Ex Stus, and Twine.

Solar Truncated Octahedron - COLLABnART

Republic Square Park
March 7 - 16

The truncated octahedron is considered an Archimedean solid, which by definition is "a highly symmetric, semi-regular convex polyhedron composed of two or more types of regular polygons meeting in identical vertices." The structures are made of wooden hexagons and acrylic squares. Standing at about 5' tall, each structure is illuminated by LED lights, painted in a two-tone World War I razzle dazzle camouflage, and will be running on 100% solar power.

Caret 6 - Kory Bieg (OTA+) and UTSOA Design V Studio

Renegade Craft Fair: SXSW Edition at the Palmer Events Center
March 13 - 15, 12pm-8pm
Caret 6 detail

The School of Architecture at the University of Texas at Austin hosted an exhibition as part of TEX-FAB 5 SKIN: Digital Assemblies. Assistant Professor Kory Bieg led 17 students in designing and building an installation to showcase the SKIN Design Competition. In the spirit of digital fabrication, this project was generated using parametric tessellations that simulate a three dimensional experience. The Studio used advanced parametric digital software and fabrication technologies for the design of an innovative vaulting structure. The vaulting surface cascades into a ground surface that varies in scale and transitions between multiple materials. Alpolic, an aluminum composite material, was used for the vaulting ribs, HDPE for the ribs of the ground surface, and Polypropylene for the translucent infill. Each piece is unique and can be flat packed for easy storage and transportation. This piece will be on display at Next Stage in Exhibit Hall 4 and in the Renegade Craft Fair at the Palmer Events Center.

Pi In The Sky by ISHKY

March 14 Art Installation- Pi In The Sky

Pi In The Sky is a skywriting installation by ISHKY – the artist name of Ben Davis, visionary behind San Francisco's iconic sculpture The Bay Lights (featured in the documentary Impossible Light which is an official selection of the SXSW Film Festival). The monumental ephemeral artwork plays upon the 20th Century American colloquialism "pie in the sky," a catch phrase for impossible thinking, by honoring the never-ending number π (3.14159...). On March 14--International Pi Day--during SXSW, the installation will skywrite the first 314 characters of Pi in a 100+ mile arc over the greater Austin area. Each number will be roughly a quarter mile wide, actualized by AirSign's synchronized aircraft equipped with dot-matrix technology. The radically accessible art will last no more than an hour-and-a-half and will never exist in entirety.