SXSW V2V 2013: The Celebration of Startups Begins August 11

Written by Hugh Forrest | Friday, Aug 9, 2013

Focused primarily on entrepreneurs, startups, innovation and creativity, the inaugural SXSW V2V event runs August 11-14 at the Cosmopolitan Hotel of Las Vegas. For complete information on the fantastic keynote speaker lineup (Tony Hsieh, Steve Case, Lauren Bush Lauren), click here. For complete information on all the other amazing speakers lending their expertise to SXSW V2V, click here. For complete information on the various evening and networking events, click here.

If you are an entrepreneur or a startup or an investor or just someone who enjoys learning from (and networking with) people who are extremely creative and innovative, then you should be part of all the energy and excitement of SXSW V2V. Click here to purchase your registration for this year's event. If you can't make it to Las Vegas for all the fun for 2013, then read daily recaps of the event via the SXSW V2V website or follow the action in 140 characters on Twitter.