The Atlantic Explores Tony Hsieh and the Las Vegas Tech Scene

Written by Hugh Forrest | Tuesday, Apr 15, 2014

Is Las Vegas the nation's next great tech hub?

Forget San Francisco. Forget Portland. Forget Austin. Is Las Vegas America’s next great hotbed of technology and creativity? Derek Thompson of the Atlantic explores this question in a recently-published blog post:

The idea that Sin City also fancies itself the next great tech hub might have struck someone from a few decades ago as a lamentable delusion conjured in an alcohol-induced stupor. Today, it's not so laughable. The concept of "Silicon Vegas" is still mostly aspirational—the city's leisure and hospitality industry is twice the size of its core white collar workforce in information and business services (the exact opposite is true of San Francisco)—but it's closer to a reality thanks to Tony Hsieh, the founder of Zappos, who's embarked on an ambitious $300 million project to rebuild downtown Vegas as a haven for techies.

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