Hear Steve Case Talk About Startups That Attract His Attention

Written by Hugh Forrest | Thursday, Jul 25, 2013

"Having confidence is a good thing," says Steve Case when asked about what qualities he looks for when investing in entrepreneurs. "But humility is also a good thing and it is important to have a balance between the two. Also, knowing that we are in hyper-competitive world is important. Sometimes entrepreneurs will come in and say 'We have no competition.' Well, either that is because the thing you are doing is not a big market. Or you are not telling the truth. Or you actually don't know what other people are doing."

Click here to watch more of this great Entrepreneur interview with this legendary tech leader. Or, better yet, come to the first-ever SXSW V2V in Las Vegas to hear his keynote speech, which occurs Tuesday afternoon, August 13 at 2:00 pm. Case is part of a strong keynote lineup that includes Tony Hsieh and Lauren Bush Lauren. For the complete SXSW V2V schedule, click here. To see startups that will be part of the inaugural V2Venture pitch competition, click here. To register for SXSW V2V, click here.

Finally, click here to read more about the $40 million funding deal Revolution Growth (the VC firm headed by Steve Case) just signed with Austin-based startup BigCommerce.