Recap of 2013 SXSW Accelerator Pitch Competition

A big thank you to everyone who helped us successfully produce SXSW Accelerator 2013. SXSW would also like to congratulate all of the great startups that were involved in this year's event. These companies were the best of the best of 2013, as judged by the panel of experts.

2013 SXSW Accelerator winners were....

News Technologies
Kansas City, MO

Health Technologies
Richmond, VA

Innovative Web Technologies
Boston, MA

Mobile Technologies
San Francisco, CA

Entertainment & Gaming Technologies
London, UK

Social Technologies
Cleveland, OH

Music Technologies
London, UK

Best Bootstrap (i.e., companies who have done the most with least)
Chicago, IL


Chelmsford, MA

The key criteria when judging 2013 SXSW Accelerator applicants were:
– Creativity (originality of idea)
– Potential (longevity, actualization and profitability of idea)
– Functionality (usability of interface for idea)
– Team / People (who is your team and how will they make your company a success?)

The winning companies received premium prize packages containing valuable tech-related goodies. The winning prizes included two (2) badges for the 2014 SXSW event, various SXSW Accelerator sponsor gifts and, most importantly, the opportunity to receive exposure to the SXSW audience looking out for the latest in cutting-edge technology. Photo and interview opportunities with the attending technology and venture press were abundant, placing these exciting startups in the spotlight as leaders in the future of technology.

Video Recording of Past Finalist Presenting
Please view the following video recordings of the SXSW Accelerator presentations from some of our 2013 finalists: SXSW Interactive Accelerator and SXSW Music Accelerator

Finalists for SXSW Accelerator 2013

More than 500 plus companies submitted their web-based products to the fifth annual SXSW Accelerator event. Competition was tough and we're extremely grateful for all of the great submissions we received. Congratulations to the Interactive finalists who showcased their products

News Technologies Category

Audio Tag
San Francisco, CA
The AudioTag technology allows broadcast advertisers and content producers to connect to listeners at the point where interest is highest. Broadcasters who embed our signal into content or Ads can have that signal picked up by an app on a smartphone or tablet, delivering information directly to the user.

San Francisco, CA
Contextly helps publishers thrive in the age of drive-by readers by putting stories into context and showing readers a site's breadth. Founded by veteran Wired editor Ryan Singel, Contextly helps publishers ranging from corporate blogs to trade publications to Wiredbuild engaged audiences through quality content and editorial control.

Miami, FL
Guide is an app that turns your favorite online news, blogs, and social streams into video. Guide's TV news format allows you to lean back and watch your favorite content instead of having to read it.

Chicago, IL
InfoActive makes it super easy to create mobile-friendly, interactive infographics with live data. The online platform offers a simple interface for users to drop streams of information into gorgeous, data-driven stories. InfoActive cuts the cost of producing engaging content and makes web publishers happy.

San Francisco, CA
Meograph is a digital storytelling tool that makes it easy to create interactive video out of video, audio, pictures, text, maps, timelines, and links. They are growing quickly, with the most users from news, education, marketing, and tourism organizations.

Kansas City, MO
We amplify people's voices to effect change. We help interest groups, trade organizations, and advocacy groups engage supporter's in-the-moment they are ready to act.

Boston, MA
National news sites use ShoutAbout to feature opportunities to take action after important coverage and commentary. Everything is community-driven: after organizations use to promote relevant links to donate, volunteer or advocate, readers can vote up their favorite options and add their own ideas.

Menlo Park, CA
Watchup brings the power of video journalism to the tablet age. With its unique tap-and-play interface, Watchup's iPad app lets you create your own newsreel from the world's most trusted news channels. Watchup has been incubated at StartX, the Stanford startup accelerator.

Alternates for News Technologies Category

New York, NY
Each day, news is shared across organizations in scattered, haphazard ways that fail to inform employees and educate teams. Delve offers a powerful alternative: a personalized, curated reader for each employee, and simple sharing of relevant stories with colleagues. It saves professionals time and turns news into knowledge.

Chattanooga, TN
Four naive first time entrepreneurs set their minds to attacking personalized news; 2 years later we've launched the most intelligent, stunningly simple, and powerful news service on iPhone. Imagine foursquare and Flipboard went out for drinks. Steamy chemistry, Passion ensued. 9 months later: Fireplug.

Baltimore, MD
NewsUp is a social news game where users earn points and rewards for playing news trivia and challenging friends. Our team is on a mission to make the news experience fun, effective and rewarding; reinventing the way we consume news.

Social Technologies Category

Click With Me Now
St. Louis, MO
Click With Me Now is a web-based technology company with a patent-pending social co-browsing application. Using a one-click, no download, no-cost approach, it allows everyday web users to instantly share their web session with their friends, family members or trusted advisors - without ever leaving the site they're on.

San Francisco, CA
Koozoo lets you see and share live views of public places you care about, from a favorite neighborhood cafe to iconic locations around the world. Koozoo is making the real world as accessible and searchable as the digital world.

Seattle, WA
LikeBright helps you meet your friends' friends and match your friends up. We're backed by Dr. Galen Buckwalter, the scientific founder of eHarmony. We deliver friend-vetted dates to the 90% of singles who don't date online.

Cleveland, OH
Plotter is the first social network for maps. Not only does it bring much needed features to mobile maps like viewing multiple plotted locations at once, it lets you crowd source and discover maps from friends and experts. Finally, a map app that does more than search and directions.
London, UK
Think YouTube meets Slideshare. Whether it's a conference presentation, pitching for business, updating your team, setting assignments for students or applying for a job, allows you to record and share your ideas, knowledge or messages online, simply and cost effectively.

Washington, DC
A picture is worth a thousand words, but an enduring story is priceless. With ReelGenie, family pictures become unforgettable stories. Featuring intuitive interfaces, a collaborative production process, and seamless social media integration, ReelGenie makes it easy for anyone to share movies online, one priceless story at a time.

Brooklyn, NY
Togather is an event creation marketplace that helps publishers and authors turn social audiences into engaged real-world supporters. By transforming book promotion, we enable new ways for authors to connect with readers and make great cultural experiences accessible to audiences everywhere.

Seattle, WA
Yabbly is a mobile Q&A app for shopping research that makes it easy to have authentic conversations with people who have recent, first-hand experience making a similar purchase. Yabbly's Karma system ensures that members, who give the most help, get the most help. Yabbly: it's Q&A...with Karma.

Alternates for Social Technologies Category

Seattle, WA
DiscoveryJar is a social platform which makes discovering and learning new recipes a breeze. Users share video recipes which are presented in a slick tablet friendly interface. As you save your favorite dishes in your online recipe box (aka jar), DiscoveryJar learns your tastes and suggests new recipes to try.

San Diego, CA
Givit is the easiest way to capture, edit and share video highlights on iPhone. In just a few minutes, effects, transitions and music create a video sharable on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and stored in the Givit cloud. The company is based in San Diego, CA dba VMIX Media, Inc.

San Francisco, CA
Splenvid automatically creates beautiful video stories of your life, from experiences captured by you and your friends using the Splenvid smartphone app. Located in San Francisco, Splenvid Inc. was founded in 2012 by two former Googlers with expertise in UX, massively scalable systems, and big data.

Mobile Technologies Category
Northbrook, IL
Charlie preps you on people before you see them. With access to your calendar Charlie knows who you are going to meet and before a meeting Charlie filters through the web to present you with any commonalties between you and your connection, breaking news on their company and social updates.

Menlo Park, CA
Desti is the smartest travel guide for the iPad -- an all-in-one app for travel discovery and planning. Using natural language processing and SRI-heritage Artificial Intelligence, Desti delivers a holistic and personalized travel search experience by finding precisely the right places and events based on your needs and preferences.

New York, NY
OneTok develops a SaaS platform to voice-enable mobile apps so consumers can use the apps by talking to them in a normal and natural way. This helps app developers retain active users and further drive user engagement. OneTok's founders are patent-holding experts in voice over Internet systems.

Precision Augmented Reality Works
Boston, MA
PAR Works produces next-generation augmented reality technologies that offer unparalleled precision, speed and resiliency. By providing image overlay accuracy to the groundbreaking precision of millimeters nearly instantaneously on any mobile device, PAR Works is expanding mobile augmented reality applications across numerous consumer, business, and government verticals.

Brooklyn, NY
Sprezzat, helps users customize their incoming call screen by streaming dynamic content from their favorite applications. Our flagship application Thread, is an innovative caller-ID and contact management application. Users personalize their incoming call screen and address book with a consolidated view of the caller's recent communications and social network updates.

San Francisco, CA
Ever thought typing on your touch-screen is frustrating? Our revolutionary keyboard technology, Fleksy, is powerful enough you can type without even looking at the screen. Wave goodbye to typing frustrations and welcome Happy Typing on mobile. For the first time, as easy and natural as you type on your laptop.

Santa Monica, CA
younity creates a personal cloud for all your files, built from your devices and your online services, so that all your devices work as if they were a single device. You can have all your files on all your devices all the time, without syncing and without storage limits.

Reston, VA
Take streaming data, an array of beautiful visualizations and a user experience designed for mobile touch screens, and you have Zoomdata. Connect to internal and external data sources, combine, merge, and crunch data streams, visualize the results in real-time, and provide instant access to your colleagues.

Alternates for Mobile Technologies Category
West Hollywood, CA
FixUp is a mobile application connecting users to experts (handymen,plumbers, electricians) instantly through iPhone video. Users search for nearby/reviewed experts to fix anything fast, 24/7, billable per minute. If the problem requires a home visit, the app facilitates a"Uber" like, in-person consultation utilizing geolocation and secure payment system.

Redwood City, CA
inTooch is a mobile application that allows people to easily and quickly stay in touch with important personal and business contacts. In a snap, you can exchange your contact details, connect people on your social networks, store where you met and find out instantly what friends and interests you share.

Columbus, OH
Jifiti is an in-store social gifting platform that allows shoppers to share, purchase and redeem gifts while walking through their favorite stores. Using the Jifiti app, shoppers can walk in to a store with a wish and walk out with a gift.

Innovative Web Technologies Category

Mountain View, CA
Collections is an Internet-age personal content manager, a fundamental reinvention of the file manager that lets you easily access and organize all of the digital content you have that's currently scattered across a dizzying array of cloud storage providers and web apps. It's a file system for the web.

Expect Labs
San Francisco, CA
Expect Labs is building a technology platform designed to reinvent how we have conversations. The creator of the iPad app called MindMeld, it is the first voice and video calling app that can understand conversations in real-time to make it easy to find and share related information as you talk.

Stockholm, Sweden
Memoto's Lifelogging Camera is a tiny wearable camera that automatically captures your life in still photos. Just clip it on your clothes and it starts taking pictures. You can then access your photos in a searchable and sharable way through Memoto's smartphone apps for iPhone and Android.

Mr. Arlo
Atlanta, GA
The first personal, travel booking site that knows your unique personality, tastes, and preferences. Mr. Arlo provides travel suggestions based on your social networks via its proprietary social recommendation engine. With Mr. Arlo you can create, organize, and book amazing trips which can be shared with friends and family.

Ontario, Canada
Synaptop is an operating system that runs on the cloud on which users can store files, run apps, and collaborate. Users can collaborate in any application in real time by dragging and dropping contacts into that application. Synaptop also lets you drag and drop apps across devices wirelessly.

San Antonio, TX
TrueAbility helps companies hire only the best technical talent by assessing a job candidate's technical skills in a live server environment--from anywhere in the world. TrueAbility shortens the recruiting process and delivers objective, easy-to-use pre-hire data that helps businesses hire great techs.

Boston, MA
Wanderu is the simplest way to find and book bus and train travel from Point A to Point B. Wanderu is a new travel startup by young people for young people.

San Francisco, CA
Zumper is the new destination platform for apartment rentals. Zumper offers tenants real and live-time apartment listings within a beautiful search experience, while providing landlords and brokers next generation software tools to market their listings and close their leads.

Alternates for Web Technologies Category

Reno, NV
Cloudsnap's cloud-based infrastructure allows developers to build and extend their software applications with functionality from 3rd party services like, Quickbooks and more. This allows developers to spend less time writing and maintaining integrations and more time delivering features to their customers.

Blacksburg, VA
Heyo believes online marketing is too hard. We help you market your products and services through remarkable customer service, a beautiful user interface, and easy to use drag and drop tools that can be used to create a gorgeous fan page, mobile app, or website.

Review Trackers
Green Cove Springs, FL
Review Trackers launched software as a service for multi-location businesses to monitor their online reviews. Our Web application features proprietary data collection technology designed to aggregate and analyze reviews from Yelp, Google+ Local, TripAdvisor, Foursquare, and all other major review sites.

Entertainment & Gaming Technologies Category

Lubbock, TX
Grinbath is committed to making effective, affordable eye tracking technologies, including our all-in-one Eye Tracker System and coming soon, EG, the world's first wireless, mobile eye tracking and control system.

London, UK
MakieLab uniquely combines games, toys and 3D printing to provide creative entertainment properties. Our virtual goods produce physical goods on-demand. Our first product, MAKIES, is in alpha at, and is the world's first 3D printed poseable doll. Next up: apps and mobile games, plus further game-toy properties.

Ontario, Canada
Maluuba has developed the industry's most advanced Natural Language engine that enables users to speak to their TVs/smart phones and get direct contextual results. By providing users with answers to their entertainment, organizational and communication needs, Maluuba's engine positions itself at the forefront of the mobile search revolution.

Lincoln MA
Plympton is reviving serialized fiction for the digital age through a mobile reading app that delivers great content in short installments that fit naturally into your schedule. We provide a supportive new venue for innovative writing, as well as a rich library of classic texts and a platform for other publishers to serialize their own content.

New York, NY
Poptip is the fastest way for brands and personalities to conduct social voting through crowd opinion. Poptip also offers consumers an immersive way to view real time crowd data from the brands and personalities a person follows. Poptipp can analyze virtually any social text for consumer consumption and company data analytics.

Syndio Social
Chicago, IL
Syndio Social builds tools that help large organizations tackle operational challenges. We map and measure employee social networks to help accelerate the adoption of new tools, behaviors and change initiatives.

Tista Games
Rockville, MD
Tista Games is the HBO of games: a platform for episodic games delivered through the cloud on a weekly schedule (example: Tuesdays at 6pm). We validate hits at 20% of the cost of regular game developers and keep our players engaged over several seasons instead of just a few weeks.

Somerville, MA
ZoomTilt is re-imagining "Hollywood" for the 21st century. ZoomTilt's marketplace allows film makers to pitch their show concepts to brands that want to entertain customers with a branded mini-TV show. ZoomTilt gives filmmakers funding, recognition, and audiences for their creative work, and provides brands with highly engaging inbound marketing content.

Alternates for Entertainment & Gaming Technologies
Austin, TX is a platform for HTML5 games. For consumers this means an App Store to discover games that work on phones, tablets and PCs. For developers, offers an API for easy integration of high level features into their games.

Kent, England
GamesGRABR is a new "pinboard-style" social gaming website and mobile app that allows users to create and discover game collections. Collect, play and buy games from anywhere on the web. Save them into your own collections or browse other games collections and discover games from people you follow.

San Francisco, CA
Showbucks is a San Francisco-based mobile entertainment technology company that brings face-to-face human interaction back to social networking by combining social video with social gaming technology. Showbucks' Action Charades is the first cross-platform social video acting and word guessing game for iOS and Android devices.

Health Technologies Category
Care at Hand
San Francisco, CA
Care at Hand prevents the elderly from needlessly going to the hospital. While non-clinical home care workers do household chores for elderly patients, they use tablets to record the health of their patients. We combine this data with our predictive algorithms to allow supervising nurses to intervene when a patient's health is worsening.

Careport Health
Cambridge, MA
Careport Health was founded by Harvard MD candidates to help hospitals find the right after-care for their patients. Currently this process is highly manual and costs hospitals over $7 billion annually. Careport's centralized online booking platform streamlines this process by matching patient needs with available services.

New York, NY
Docphin is a platform for healthcare professionals to personalize access and connect through evidenced based research, while also enabling hospitals to meet new quality improvement initiatives and accreditation requirements. The platform is currently being used at nearly 100 institutions nationwide including Harvard, Hopkins, Penn & Stanford.

Home Team Therapy
Arlington, VA
Home Team Therapy uses online video and video games to help physical therapy patients get better fast. We work with your doctors to deliver a game plan for recovery, including: instructional exercise videos, progress tracking, and a pinch of friendly competition.

Durham, NC
Food today has become more chemistry than biology. INRFOOD is a platform that personalizes nutrition information and assesses, alerts, and advises you on what you're eating and how it affects you now, and in the future. It does this with a unique approach by analyzing food's core components: the ingredients.

Richmond, VA
Neurotrack has developed technology that can diagnose Alzheimer's disease years before symptoms appear, creating the potential to transform the diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimer's disease.

Spot On Sciences
Austin, TX
Spot On Sciences, Inc. develops and markets innovative and easy to use medical devices that are revolutionizing clinical diagnostic testing and medical research. Based in Austin, TX, their initial products enable remote and self-collection of blood samples by anyone at anytime and anywhere.

Santander, Spain
TedCas develops Natural User Interfaces (NUIs) based on voice commands and gestures for Medical Doctors. Our technology allows them to control any kind of Medical Software without physical contact, avoiding potential risk of infection. That's why we have been called "The Minority Report for Doctors."

** Alternates for Health Technologies Category**

Sarasota, FL
IntelligentM is a novel Hand Hygiene Compliance Improvement System designed to reduce infection rates at healthcare facilities by increasing hand hygiene compliance among healthcare workers. Our patent pending system allows for "on the spot" notification to healthcare workers if they do not wash or sanitize their hands correctly.

Boston MA
Neumitra develops wearable and mobile technologies to address the effects of stress on how we live, work, and play. Our bandu is a biosensing watch that alerts you to increasing stress and triggers music, games, phone calls, and breathing techniques to help you perform at your best.

Music Technologies Category

Chelmsford, MA
AudioCommon is a team of musicians and hackers redefining the way music is created in today's interconnected world. Through our online platform,musicians and the greater audio production community can build decentralized teams, comment directly on multi-track waveforms, and collaborate in new ways during critical stages of the creative process.

Berkeley, CA
BioBeats is creating the future of adaptive media, a world where our apps and devices understand and adapt to the way we feel. We are creating technologies that leverage biometric data to react to our emotional and physiological states, dynamically creating and discovering music that is appropriate to that state.

San Francisco, CA
Founded by lifelong friends Alex Fortunato and Laird Hayward, FoxSpring Labs has a passion for creating intuitive mobile applications to share multimedia. Their first release CrowdSync puts users in the director's chair, changing how people watch, share and edit user-generated content with its proprietary technology.

Molecule Synth
Portland, OR
Molecule Synth is a physical electronics modular synthesizer and experimenter's design set. It is an utterly unique musical instrument, combining LEGO-like interchangeability with Synthesizers & Physical Electronics. Design Your Own Instrument, configure and shape the Molecule Synth into entirely new combinations each time you play.

London, UK
ROLI is a music technology start-up using intuitive design to createintegrated hardware and software interfaces that increase thebandwidth of interaction between humans and computers. We buildground-breaking products-based on our patent-pending SEA Interfacetechnology-that enhance the ways our customers physically engage withthe digital world.

San Francisco, CA
TastemakerX is a social game for music discovery. The platform allows users to express musical tastes and preferences by building virtual collections of the artists they love, and connect with like-minded music fans. TastemakerX is free to join and is currently available on iOS.

Vela App
Aliso Viejo, CA
Vela App is a start-up company whose mission is to bring voice control to music. Vela (Voice Electronic Listening Assistant) is a music aggregator app for iPhone that allows you to voice control on demand music from Spotify, Rdio, and more soon.

Dublin, Ireland
WholeWorldBand is a music-making platform that earns money for people who play their own music or add to other peoples' in audio and video. It's a virtual recording studio with cameras where anyone can collaborate with well-known and emerging artists and share the results on social media.

Alternates for Music Technologies Calendar
San Francisco, CA
Playground finds handmade playlists just for you. Instantly listen to music you'll love from your friends, world famous DJs, and people who share your taste in music. Its super fun, ridiculously easy, and 100% free.

San Francisco, CA
Pulselocker is the first on-demand streaming and subscription music service that gives DJs access to millions of tracks, playable on the most popular mixing apps, online or off. With Pulselocker, DJs can: Stream full-length tracks; Download and DJ tracks out - before they buy; and Buy only the ones they want.

New York, NY
Stereotypes is a group chat app for people who enjoy music and need help keeping in touch with friends. With an interface optimized for sharing, talking about and listening to music, Stereotypes helps you keep in touch in a meaningful yet effortless way, and our users feel closer to friends whenever they listen to music.