Interactive Innovation Awards

Just Announced: 2016 FInalists and Alternates

The 19th annual SXSW Interactive Innovation Awards celebrate the most inspiring, creative innovations in the connected world. At this year's event attendees can expect to see the most exciting tech developments, including achievements in digital design, health technology, privacy and security, 3D printing, augmented and virtual reality, and beyond.

Winners in each of the 13 award categories and five special honors including Best of Show, People’s Choice, Breakout Trend of the Event, Speaker of the Event, and Meme of the Year will be announced as well as honoring the 2016 Interactive Hall of Fame inductee Baratunde Thurston at the 19th annual SXSW Interactive Innovation Awards Ceremony, the evening of Tuesday, March 15, 2016.

Congratulations to all of the Finalists!

2016 Event Information

2016 Interactive Innovation Awards Emcee Brooke Van Poppelen. Photo by Seth Olenick.


Brooke Van Poppelen with special guest Julian Velard


Tuesday, March 15 | 7:00pm


Hilton Austin Downtown | Grand Ballroom – 6th floor


Attendees with an Interactive, Gold or Platinum badge are welcome to attend. Need to register? You can do that here

2016 Innovation Award Logo

2016 Interactive Innovation Award Finalists

Health, Med & BioTech

Awarded for the new technology that best improves the quality, efficacy, and cost-effectiveness of prevention, diagnosis, treatment and care in health and medicine.

Innovation in Connecting People

Awarded for the best new way to connect and communicate with others.

Innovative 3-DIY

Awarded for making 3D printing technology more accessible or affordable, or to the Maker using such technology in new and exciting ways.

Music & Audio Innovation

Awarded for 2015’s best device or service that changes and improves the way we listen to and enjoy music.

New Economy

Awarded to those redefining the exchange of goods and services, from the sharing economy, to virtual currency, to micro-finance, to mobile-device-payment systems and beyond.

Privacy & Security

Awarded for 2015’s most progressive accomplishment in the way we go about securing our data and ensuring our privacy.

Responsive Design

Awarded for excellent digital design, creating the best-integrated interaction in terms of content, aesthetics, and functionality.

Scifi No Longer

Awarded for the coolest scientific achievement or discovery that before 2015 was only possible in science fiction.

Smart Cities

Awarded for innovations in eco-friendly or sustainable energy, transportation, and IoT technology, making life in the connected world a smarter, cleaner, greener, and more efficient Internet of Everything.

Student Innovation

Awarded to the student with an exceptional interactive technology project or startup; both of which are the future.

Visual Media Experience

Awarded for content creation and delivery that moves beyond passive viewership by providing a more immersive and engaging entertainment experience


Awarded for breakthroughs in augmented reality & virtual reality technology including the application of new hardware or software which truly make the Virtual a reality

  • Milbox Touch by WHITE Inc. | Tokyo, Japan
  • Mill Stitch by The Mill | Various Locations
  • The Surrogate by Peter Flaherty, Logan Brown, & VR Playhouse | Los Angeles, CA
  • OZO by Nokia Technologies | Sunnyvale, CA
  • Project Syria by Emblematic Group | Santa Monica, CA

Wearable Tech

Awarded for the new hardware that revolutionizes the convenience, comfort, functionality, efficiency, and fashion of having a device literally “on you.”

To learn more about the 2016 Interactive Innovation Awards categories, rules, and eligibility please click here.

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