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The full video of the Edward Snowden session at SXSW is now available for viewing
Written by Hugh Forrest | March 11, 2014

Snowden at SXSW 2014: Watch the Video of the Historic Monday, March 10 Session Here

The Monday, March 10 “Virtual Conversation with Edward Snowden” session at SXSW Interactive continues to draw significant buzz. If you missed it (or if you just want to watch it again), then click here to access the full video of this newsworthy session. Special thanks to our...

Cool graphic recordings of SXSW content via ImageThink
Written by Hugh Forrest | March 11, 2014

Another Batch of Awesome Graphic Recordings of 2014 SXSW Interactive Festival Content

Need even more help remembering some of the best talking points for some of this year’s big room speakers (including keynote speakers Anne Wojcicki and Adam Savage)? Then check out these graphic recordings, provided by our friends at ImageThink. See these images in their full-sized glory at...

Convergence Day is Tuesday, March 11 at SXSW 2014
Written by Hugh Forrest | March 11, 2014

Tuesday, March 11: Convergence Day Means Incredible Cross-Industry Networking Opportunities

SXSW enables you to make new career-enhancing connections within your field of expertise. Better still, it allows you to meet creative leaders from outside your industry who can help you dramatically increase your network. Such is particularly the case on Tuesday, March 11, when we celebrate Convergence Day...

Joi Ito is the 2014 SXSW Interactive Hall of Fame inductee
Written by Hugh Forrest | March 10, 2014

Tuesday Evening, March 11: Joi Ito of the MIT Media Lab to be Inducted Into SXSW Interactive Hall of Fame

The SXSW Interactive Festival Hall of Fame honors trend-setters who have pushed the industry forward via a history of innovative thinking. In 2012, the first-ever Hall of Fame inductee was web design legend Jeffrey Zeldman. In 2013, the award went to danah boyd, an expert on social...

Bonin Bough talks about 3D printing food at SXSW on March 11
Written by Katie Paschall | March 10, 2014

Bonin Bough Talks About the 3D Printing Food Revolution on Tuesday at 12:30 pm

You may dunk your cookies in milk, twist and lick them or bite right into the chocolatey goodness. However you do it, this year at SXSW offers a new way to enjoy your favorite treat courtesy of a tricked-out high-tech vending machines that assemble the cookies in less than...

Attend Bruce Sterling's Closing Remarks on Tuesday, March 11
Written by Katie Paschall | March 10, 2014

Tuesday March 11 at 5:00 pm: Bruce Sterling Delivers Closing Remarks

End SXSW Interactive with a bang by attending the closing session guaranteed to be unexpected, invented on the fly and quite an electrifying rant by the one and only Bruce Sterling. 

Few so-called futurists can weave a narrative with as much skill, biting humor, irony and insight as Sterling....