We Want Your Positive Feedback and Constructive Criticism

SXSW Interactive thrives on the input, suggestions, and constructive criticism of a passionate, engaged and intelligent community.

Ideas that are particularly important to us are as follows:

  • Things you particularly enjoy about SXSW Interactive that we shouldn’t change.
  • Things you particularly dislike about SXSW Interactive that we should work on improving (brainstorms on ways to fix these problems are also welcome).
  • Topics that we should be covering at SXSW Interactive.
  • Fantastic speakers that we should recruit for SXSW Interactive.
  • Events and activities that we should incorporate into SXSW Interactive.

Please e-mail us at inter@sxsw.com with any ideas (big or small).

Also, this inter@sxsw.com address is a great way to connect with us if you have any questions about the event. All questions are good questions!