South By Southwest Interactive News

Friday, Dec 11, 2015

Jerry Kaplan on Why We Don’t Need to be Scared of the “Machines” [INTERVIEW]

Written by Megan Collyer

Featured Speaker Jerry Kaplan is an American Futurist, warning that while robots are poised to transform today’s society, the advances they offer could come at a price. And although we don’t need to be scared of these powerful machines (as you’ll see below, the Terminators are not coming for...

Wednesday, Dec 9, 2015

SXSW Gaming Snapshot: YouTube and Why 40 Million Followers Matter

Written by Estevan Aviles

As more individuals cut the cord, and many more youth decide they never needed one in the first place, we’re left scratching our heads in wonder of what will come next. However, if you’re even remotely a part of the internet then you're bound to know what YouTube and Twitch...