Sessions From the Past: Partisan Media Panel From SXSW 2013

Written by Monica Sack | Thursday, Aug 22, 2013

Partisan Media panel at SXSW 2013

Holy moly! It's here! 2014 SXSW PanelPicker voting started Monday, and thousands of people are perusing all the ideas submitted for the upcoming festival! But, what if you're still trying to catch up on all the content from last year, like myself? Well, be sure to check out How Partisan Media Contributes to Healthy Politics. If you're a political junkie that loves feeding yourself with information that reinforces your personal point of view, then this panel will challenge you to look at the other side of the coin and remind you that debate is a great and powerful thing. Oh perspective, it's so easy to lose, this panel is your chance to find it again.

"How Partisan Media Contributes to Healthy Politics" panel at SXSW 2013. Photo by Vanessa Velazquez.