The SXSW Creativity Report, December 9

Written by Hugh Forrest | Monday, Dec 9, 2013
SXSW Interactive is all about creativity in all its forms!

A weekly collection of people, organizations, businesses, or events that have inspired us with their creativity.

1. Bill Nye

No one can make totally uncool look so so cool like Bill Nye can. We love his Dancing with the Stars video from a few months back. But, we are even more enamored with the passion of his open letter to President Obama urging a restoration of funding to NASA's Planetary Science Division. Onward with the Bow Tie Army!

2. Andy Rubin

Speaking of space, Google’s so-called “moonshot” of building a new generation of service robots fills us with excitement about the future. Leading this effort will be Andy Rubin, the father of Android, who left his post at this mobile operating system last spring for what was then termed as an unspecified project. A life-long creative and perpetual tinkerer, Rubin could become the Ben Franklin of this generation if he can successfully meet the challenge of building a better humanoid.

3. Creative Mornings

According to Mason Currey, the author of the recently-released book “Daily Rituals: How Artists Work”, many of history’s most innovative thinkers were early risers. Of course, the list of out-of-the-box-thinkers who sleep until the early afternoon is also significant. Catch five more tips to coach your creativity by reading this review in the Guardian.

4. Lolly Daskal

Need more motivation to change your life for the better? One of our favorite new books is “Thoughts Spoken From the Heart: Over 500 Thoughts That Bring Meaning to Your Life”. We also recommend the thought-provoking blog from the book’s author Lolly Daskal, who is the founder of the Lead From Within consultancy.

5. 99 Luftballoons

Much like paper airplanes, balloons fascinate kids of all ages. They are fun to play with and they are even more fun to release. A new Kickstarter project called ITS-A-BOB allows you to release your balloon to the heavens — then retrieve it again and again and again. Sounds like a fun way to re-connect with the magic possibilities of childhood.

Early morning on the Pacific. Photo by Linda Park