SXSW Interactive Sessions: What Makes Workshops Different From the Rest?

Written by Nanci Lancaster | Friday, Sep 20, 2013

Workshops at the 2013 SXSW Interactive Festival

SXSW Interactive features ground-breaking, digitally creative sessions in a variety of formats. Yes, you may know about panels and solo presentations and core conversations, but do you know about extended workshops (a format that has become very popular with registrants)?

While some formats intermingle with each other throughout our venues, SXSW workshops stand alone at their own site. Being the most in-depth, hands-on format SXSW Interactive offers, extended workshops are held exclusively in smaller capacity classrooms at the AT&T Conference Center to facilitate a more intimate learning environment. 

Additionally, workshops differ from other session formats by lasting either two and a half, four, or eight hours long, rather than an hour or less. Having extended hours for our workshops provides enough time to get down to the core of some of the most important subjects taught by top industry leaders, while signing up in advance guarantees you a seat to better prepare your day with these longer format sessions.

Also, registrants must sign-up in advance to attend a workshop while our solos/duals/panels do not require any advanced signup. The advanced signup process for SXSW Interactive will begin in a few months -- watch this website for more details. Also, stay tuned to the SXSW Interactive website on Monday, October 14 when we announce the bulk of content for next March. Much of the workshop programming will be released as part of this Monday, October 14 announcement.

Need more information or would like to teach a SXSW Interactive Workshop? Feel free to email us at any time and we can answer all your questions.