What is SXSW Interactive: A Collection of Micro-Events

Written by Hugh Forrest | Tuesday, Oct 1, 2013

SXSW Interactive offers so many different options

With at least 10 different venues hosting daytime content, the SXSW Interactive Festival offers multiple different micro-events to satisfy the multiple different interests of the digital creative community. Are you interested in how geeks are changing the health industry? Then make your way to the venue that is hosting all the health industry content. Better still, expand your horizons by going to a venue whose content you know absolutely nothing about -- attending programming you are a complete newbie to is one of the best ways to maximize your experience at SXSW. So how do you figure out which venue hosts which content? Stay tuned to this website on Monday, October 14 when 2014 content is announced -- and again in early January when we release the hour-by-hour, venue-by-venue schedule.