2014 Highlights from the SXSW Interactive Staff: Todd Hansen

Written by Hugh Forrest | Wednesday, Mar 26, 2014

Read Todd Hansen's highlights of the 2014 SXSW Interactive Festival

Reading, processing and cataloguing all the media accounts of the 2014 SXSW Interactive Festival will continue for a few more weeks. Until this process is completed, we offer perspectives on the event from various staff members from the SXSW Interactive team. Today’s highlights come from Todd Hansen, who helps program content for SXSW Interactive in Austin as well as SXSW V2V in Las Vegas.

Most important trend from SXSW Interactive 2014: Data privacy and government transparency through via sessions with Julian Assange and Edward Snowden

Least important trend from SXSW Interactive 2014: Private social networks like Secret. Too much friction and possiblity for abuse with elementary and high school students. 

Most innovative speaker from SXSW Interactive 2014: Rob Rhinehart of Soylent discussing the future of food.

Thing that surprised you most about SXSW Interactive 2014: The overall tone of the event felt much more serious and focused given the current state of the Internet. 

Favorite place to hang out at SXSW Interactive 2014: The Green Room in Exhibit Hall 5 when Shaq, NAS, Ben Horowitz and the CEO of McDonalds all crossed paths. 

Favorite moment from SXSW Interactive 2014 Seeing Edward Snowden's image pop up on the laptop backstage before his session and knowing it was actually going to happen. 

What I want to see more of at SXSW Interactive 2015: The Internet of Things and exploring more about how technology will continue to dissapear into the fabric of our everyday lives. 

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