Facilitate Team Collaboration With Samepage

Written by Corinna Burford | Wednesday, Feb 19, 2014

Samepage is a new free cloud service that aims to revolutionize how teams work together - think Dropbox meets Evernote meets Basecamp for work teams. Samepage makes it easy to keep everyone connected and informed, with a system that allows even the least tech-savvy people to create rich, shareable online pages (containing text, images, videos, maps, task lists, calendar and synched files).

Samepage also enables sharing, editing and commenting amongst team members and features a newsfeed to keep everyone in the loop on changes and updates. This makes for less email, and less stress, while allowing your team to remain connected across all projects.

To learn more about Samepage’s unique cloud service and virtual collaboration platform, visit their website‎.

Image Courtesy of Kerio