Google’s Eric Schmidt Speaks at SXSW Interactive on Friday, March 7

Written by Todd Hansen | Tuesday, Feb 18, 2014

Eric Schmidt speaks at SXSW Interactive on Friday, March 7

With billions of people coming online in the next decade, there are many concerns swarming around human rights, civic relationships and physical lives than ever before. In exciting times like these there are many more questions than answers. Is all tech good tech? How far is too far to protect nation security? When should you have "the talk" with your kids about technology? 

Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt and Director of Google Ideas Jared Cohen come together in conversion to peel back some of these layers and look ahead. They will address issues of technology and privacy, war and intervention, diplomacy and revolution around the world. This is sure to be a complex discussion between two people working on the front lines of technology as we race to an exciting and unknown future.

Don't get left behind. Look to the future on Friday, March 7 at 12:30PM in Ballroom D at the Austin Convention Center when Schmidt and Cohen discuss all that has occurred since the publication of “The New Digital Age” in April 2013. Also, remember that all sessions that occur in Ballroom D are convergence and therefore open to all Interactive, Film, Gold and Platinum badge holders.