Hail to the New King of Mobile – Context

Written by Corinna Burford | Friday, Mar 7, 2014

If you’ve yet to realize how entrenched mobile technology has become in our daily lives, consider this: There are now five times as many mobile phones as PCs globally, and last year mobile phones became the most common Web-access devices. Surprised? Syniverse isn’t.

4G networks and powerful smartphones allow businesses to drive content-rich interactions with consumers anywhere at any time, but delivering even the most interesting content at the wrong time or place can do more harm than good. To maximize the value of mobile interactions, “contextual awareness” has become the top priority for brands.

Contextual awareness provides information about what situation a consumer is in right now, and delivers real-time reactions based on an understanding of a consumer’s needs, preferences and habits.

Here are some ways context is creating value:

  1. Location Awareness - Geofencing can help deliver marketing in appropriate places, and time zone awareness can prevent untimely message delivery. Financial institutions can even combat fraud by verifying that someone’s mobile device is present when a purchase is made.

  2. Big Data - Most users have their devices within reach at all times, so once they’ve opted in, information about their activity can be coupled with details of when and where the activity occurs. Merging big data analytics with real-time intelligence enables highly appropriate and timely interactions across multiple industries.

Users everywhere want more immediate and personalized mobile and social interactions, forcing brands to adapt their mobile strategies to serve the new king – context.