Thursday, March 6: Add the Dewey Winburne Community Service Awards to Your SXSW Calendar!

Written by Tammy Lynn Gilmore | Wednesday, Jan 22, 2014

Attend the FREE Dewey Winburne Community Service Awards on March 6

Curious to meet the next generation of those who are making a difference in their communities? If so, then join us for the FREE, open-to-the-public Dewey Winburne Community Service Awards ceremony happening on March 6 at 7pm in downtown Austin. Add it to your calendar so you'll be sure to attend the kickoff "socially conscious" event happening the Thursday before SXSW Interactive 2014 begins. 

Enjoy food, beverages, music and learn more about one of the co-founders of the SXSW Interactive event, Dewey Winburne. Dewey was a teacher who spent much of his energy training at-risk youth to make use of digital technology, and he believed that the new media revolution could help level the playing field between the haves and have-nots in our society. Before social good became a trendy buzzword, Dewey knew that change begins on the local level. 

Take a look at the 2014 Dewey Winburne honorees below who are continuing the work in their own communities that Dewey so generously began. Join us for the ceremony and continue the conversation at the Dewey Winburne Awards / Scholarship Meet Up on Sunday March 9, 2014.

While you DO need a badge to attend the Meet Up on March 9, the Thursday evening, March 6 ceremony at St. David's Church (301 East 8th St) in downtown Austin is FREE FREE FREE.


Tony Carr is from Cape Town, South Africa

Tony Carr
Cape Town, South Africa
Tony Carr is a South African educational technologist based in the Centre for Educational Technology at University of Cape Town. Carr applied the core principles that govern the design of the net to build e/merge Africa. This peer network is made of African educational technologists in African higher education institutions that are interested in applying educational technology in their work in Africa. In 2012, the e/merge online conferences brand was extended with the formation of the ongoing e/merge Africa network for educational technology practitioners and researchers across African higher education sector. e/merge Africa was launched in May 2013, at the eLearning Africa conference and has recently started offering online seminars.

Stephanie Downs is from Cleveland, OH

Stephanie Downs
St. Louis, MO
Stephanie Downs is an entrepreneur turned social activist. In 1999, she founded MarKomm, a marketing firm that would be the first of four businesses she developed. The success of her agency enabled her to step away from the day-to-day operations to put her knowledge to "good" use. In 2009, Downs co-founded FiXiT, a non-profit focused on using creative solutions to bring an end to pet overpopulation, and in 2012 she founded Voolla, an online marketplace that turns volunteered skills into money for charities.

Marie Duffy is from Dublin, Ireland

Marie Duffy
Dublin, Ireland
Marie Duffy is an award winning journalist, mental health activist and blogger from Ireland. She is editor of, an independent, youth led Irish charity working to empower young people between the ages of 16 and 25 to create personal and social change. give young people relevant, reliable, and non-judgmental information to assist them in making informed decisions. They work with young people and decision makers to ensure a true value is placed on young people's participation in society. Duffy is a passionate mental health activist and has spoken at numerous conferences alongside people like the Dalai Lama, and former UN commissioner for Human Rights Mary Robinson. She has been nominated for numerous awards including Irish Charity Hero of the Year, Irish Volunteer of the Year, and Young Leader of the Year.

Gwendolyn Floyd is from Brooklyn, NY

Gwendolyn Floyd
Brooklyn, NY
Gwendolyn Floyd is an internationally recognized expert in mobile technology for development. Specializing in solutions design at the intersection of social systems & technology, Gwen leverages her commitment to creating more equitable models of international trade to manage partnerships and international growth at Soko. Taking these passions, Gwen co-founded Soko, Africa's first mobile marketplace, an e-commerce platform that connects mobile-enabled artisans from developing countries directly to web-based consumers. Soko, a women-owned and operated social enterprise, has developed the first online marketplace that enables artisans to post and sell their products online, even if they lack access to a computer or a bank account.

Raymar Hampshire is from Chicago, IL

Raymar Hampshire
Washington, DC
Raymar Hampshire is an advocate for increasing higher education access and affordability. He channels this passion as the co-founder and CEO of SponsorChange, a social enterprise that provides college students and graduates the ability to secure funding to pay down their student loan debt in exchange for skill-based service at non-profits. SponsorChange has been profiled on numerous media outlets such as the CBS Sunday Morning Show, CNN, and BusinessWeek Magazine. Hampshire is an alumnus of the Coro Fellows Program in Public Affairs and received his Masters of Science in Public Policy and Management from Carnegie Mellon University.

Mark Horvath is from New York, NY

Mark Horvath
New York, NY
In 2008, Mark Horvath, now known to many as @hardlynormal, set out to film the stories of America's homeless and share them with as many people as possible on Since then, he has become an internationally recognized activist and ambassador for the millions of individuals and families who reside in shelters, motels, tents along the streets and under highway bridges across the country.

Noeline Kirabo is from Kampala, Uganda

Noeline Kirabo
Kampala, Uganda
Noeline Kirabo is a 30-year old Ugandan woman who is passionate about transforming the lives of school dropouts by offering alternative education. Kirabo has been involved in addressing issues such as gender-based violence, child abuse, children's rights awareness and sensitization, fostering and adoption as well as planning and coordinating children's leadership development camps and seminars. Kirabo is now director and executive director at Kyusa. Kyusa is committed to providing quality alternative education for school dropouts ages 18-25 years through the use of free online resources. Kyusa believes that free online education is a means of ensuring that every young person finds a path to their educational goals, in a way that recognizes their strengths and values. The project seeks to provide the best available options to enable each school dropout succeed and be proactive.

George Luc is from Austin, TX

George Luc
Austin, TX
George Luc is Co-Founder and CEO of GivePulse, a civic marketplace that matches people to causes and enables nonprofits, festivals, runs, companies and groups to manage volunteers & donors, list opportunities, and track engagement along with service hours in one central community. As of this writing, since launching in the summer of 2013, GivePulse has mobilized over 15K volunteers in Austin to contribute 150K verified service hours. Luc is a TEDxAustin speaker, a WhiteHouse Champion for Change, and a firm believer that everyone has the potential to contribute to any community issue and problem. For him, civic hacking is one form of contributing. To deliver social good at a massive scale, let's all HACK ON!

Alejandro Maza is from Mexico City, Mexico

Alejandro Maza
Mexico City, Mexico
Alejandro Maza is Founder and Director of OPI : Open Intelligence, a people centred social enterprise with a mission to revolutionize the way governments and citizens interact. Over the past three years, OPI's team has developed ways to motivate the politically disengaged and the marginalized, and establish permanent "knowledge communities" with retention rates close to 70%. It has successfully attracted tens of thousands of participants in some of Mexico's most conflictive areas, including Tijuana, Ciudad Juarez, Acapulco, Morelos and Mexico City.

Clara Tsao is from Los Angeles, CA

Clara Tsao
Los Angeles, CA
Clara Tsao is the founder / CEO of the startup Travel Angel, an online platform that uses the crowd sourcing of airline mileage points to empower social entrepreneurs to travel abroad to launch and scale their social-good initiatives. Previous to this role, Tsao worked in the non-profit industry for 6 years, serving as the CEO and founder of the a 501(c)(3) non-profit Design for a Better Future, which uses social entrepreneurship to tackle sustainability issues in the developing world. Aside from startups, Tsao is very passionate about mobile app development, technology policy, and education. She currently serves the Executive Director of the Congressional App Challenge, a program of US Congress focused on democratizing Computer Science and STEM Education. In her spare time, Tsao enjoys contributing to the Impact and Technology Sections of the Huffington Post and traveling to exotic places around the world.