Workshops Are Why Your Boss Should Send You to SXSW Interactive 2014!

Written by Nanci Lancaster | Thursday, Jan 16, 2014

So many great workshops at SXSW Interactive 2014

So, you want to go to SXSW Interactive, yet the decision rests ultimately with your boss who seems to still be on the fence about sending you? If the abundance of information-rich panels and mentor sessions doesn't do the trick, then I suggest showing your boss the over 75 different SXSW Interactive workshops being offered this March. Amongst all the inspiring and innovative experiences you will undoubtedly gain at SXSW Interactive, our workshops provide an opportunity to learn something new in a unique and creative way to push your career forward.

Whether you need to brush up or gain a new skill-set with content development, UX design, programming, prototyping, business development, privacy laws, or anything in between, we'll have you covered. And, after each workshop you complete, you will be awarded with a unique workshop certificate of completion -- a perfect show of attendance to give your boss upon returning to work from your adventures at SXSW.

Additionally, SXSW Interactive workshops are signup in advance to attend. Tell your boss you must purchase your badge today to not miss out on signing up to these valuable sessions as they will fill up fast. Signup will begin in February, so email us now to be put on a notification list for when this goes live.

Last but not least, all 75+ of our diverse SXSW Interactive workshops are included in the price of Interactive, Gold, and Platinum badges. To attend these types of workshops anywhere else, you would have to go to various other conferences, paying several hundreds of dollars for registration and travel fees for each. Your boss will swoon when you tell him/her you will save time and money by attending one event versus several to get the same valuable education.

We hope to see you this March amongst the brightest, most creative individuals from across the world to exchange ideas and sharpen your expertise. Good luck and here's to convincing your boss!   Have workshop related questions or are interested in teaching a SXSW Interactive Workshop? Feel free to email us at any time.

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