Zoom into Pennzoil's Mario Karting Reimagined!

Written by Jessica Weaver | Saturday, Mar 8, 2014

Mario Karting Reimagined

Be sure to check out Pennzoil presents Mario Karting Reimagined at the Palmer Events Center! Get behind the wheel of a real Mario Kart 8 inspired go-kart and drive over Mario Kart 8 and Pennzoil Complete Protection icons for real world power- ups. You’ll also receive GoPro footage of your actual race to share on your favorite social networks. It’s more fun than anything you’ll find on 6th street, and there’s even a free shuttle from the Austin Convention Center to boot!

And don’t forget to checkout Pennzoil Platinum® full synthetic motor oil with PurePlusTM Technology, revolutionary synthetic made from natural gas. It’s Motor Oil Reimagined.