Seventh Annual SXSW Accelerator® Finalists, Judges and Emcees Revealed for the 2015 Event!

Written by Aurora Blase | Thursday, Jan 15, 2015

Photo by Getty Images More than 500 applications were received this year to be part of the 2015 SXSW Accelerator pitch competition presented by Oracle. Of those applicants, we are excited to announce the 48 Finalists chosen across six technological categories who will have the opportunity to pitch their latest innovative project or idea on Saturday, March 14 and Sunday, March 15.

In addition to the 2015 Accelerator Finalists, we are honored to announce the Emcees and Judges for the event. Their roles in the Accelerator competition are what make the event such a success with their collective business and entrepreneurial expertise.

The caliber of innovative ideas that were received during the application process made it extremely challenging to pick the top companies for each category and we would like to thank everyone that wanted to be part of our event.

We congratulate the Finalists for their forward-thinking ideas and hope that you will join us to see their presentations at the Hilton Downtown Austin on March 14 for the preliminary rounds.

On day two if the competition, Sunday, March 15, the Finalists still in the running from the previous day will have a final chance to impress the judges and audience to be named the best in their category. We will announce the winners in each category (and several other awards) at the SXSW Accelerator Ceremony which will commence that evening.

Get a sneak peek into the future at SXSW Accelerator! On Saturday, March 14 and Sunday, March 15, the Interactive portion of SXSW Accelerator startup competition is open to Interactive, Gold, and Platinum badgeholders. SXSW Film badgeholders are allowed entry to Rounds One and Two of the SXSW Accelerator Entertainment and Content Technologies sessions, as well as the SXSW Accelerator Awards Ceremony. If you haven't purchased your badge, registration rates go up Friday, January 16.

Below you find the list of Finalists, Emcees and Judges for the 2015 event.

Enterprise and Smart Data Technologies

Vorarlberg, Austria
Crate.IO has built a new breed of database to serve today’s mammoth data needs. Based on the familiar SQL syntax, Crate combines high availability, resiliency, and scalability in a distributed design that allows you to query mountains of data in real-time, not batches. Crate.IO is easy to scale and simple to use.

Austin, TX
Hypori is an enterprise software company providing Virtual Mobile Infrastructure (VMI) - accessible from Android and iOS devices. An enterprise can provide employees with virtual mobile devices running in the cloud - ensuring secure separation between personal and enterprise data for mobile users.

Identified Technologies
Pittsburgh, PA
Identified Technologies provides visibility to the energy industry with scalable drones and dock stations. We deliver data hundreds of times faster and more frequently than previously possible. Identified works with industry-leading clients around the world.

New York, NY
Kasisto enables enterprises to simplify and enhance their customers' lives through customizable conversational virtual specialists that utilize artificial intelligence. Kasisto, an SRI International spinout, participated in Wells-Fargo's startup accelerator and is the winner of the 2014 NYC FinTech Innovation Lab.

San Francisco, CA
Loopd provides proximity marketing solutions that prove event ROI, deliver higher quality leads, gather accurate attendee profiles, optimize event marketing strategies, and enhance attendee engagement via three integrated components: a mobile app, hardware including wearable bi-directional beacons, and rich analytics.

Atlanta, GA
Partpic is an enterprise visual search solution used to identify replacement parts. Simply snap a picture using your mobile device and let our technology identify the part and facilitate the purchase.

San Francisco, CA
Sapho enables enterprises to effortlessly build and deploy secure mobile apps that seamlessly integrate with existing on-premise and cloud-based IT infrastructure. Employees benefit from timely and actionable information on their mobile devices delivered by push notifications and personalized activity streams.

New York, NY
Trendalytics reveals actionable insights for the $300b+ fashion industry by measuring what resonates with consumers. Trendalytics is the first analytics platform synthesizing social, search and market data to measure trend lifecycles, optimizing decisions around product assortments, regional allocation and timing.

Common Form
San Diego, CA
Common Form was founded by former TurboTax employees who realized existing tax software was overly complex and packed with marketing gimmicks and sneaky pricing. Our product solves for simple filers, which make up 2/3 of the market.

Menlo Park, CA
GeneStamp is a comprehensive food analytics platform that builds consumer loyalty through label credibility. By giving consumers unprecedented transparency into the molecular contents of their food, retailers can differentiate their brands on quality.

Graph Story
Memphis, TN
Graph Story offers fast, secure and affordable access to graph database-as-a-service. Connect through your own app servers or through our add-ons with platforms such as Heroku instantly and scale simply as your app demands.

Entertainment and Content Technologies

Riga, Latvia
AirDog is a foldable drone designed for autonomous video shooting in action sports. The AirDog will capture your movements without any third party assistance allowing you to focus on the action.

Cambridge, MA
Cloudstitch makes programming and databases unnecessary for creating powerful interactive data-driven websites. Using our open source platform, based on research from MIT, anyone with basic HTML knowledge can create interactive web and mobile apps themselves.

San Francisco, CA
Flixfindr delights users with a simple way to discover and watch media across dozens of streaming sources. Results are tailored based on personal taste making it fun and easy to share cinematic content with friends and follow important figures.

Columbus, OH
Inmobly is defining the future of mobile video delivery. Through patented predictive analytics, we're proactively caching the right videos at the right time and to the right people. No waiting, no buffering, anytime, anywhere. Mobile video as it was intended.

New York, NY
Pixbi enables consumers to discover products within any image, anywhere. Beginning with digital and print publications, Pixbi is changing the way people read and shop by allowing consumers to view, save, share and purchase products from images instantly.

Tokyo Japan
Our Lyric Speaker invites you to a step forward in visual audio experience. SIX is a creative agency producing innovating ideas. As a keyword, update the societal and cultural value.

Paris, France
Music practice has not switched to digital yet. Weezic aims at becoming the main interactive music practice platform. Musicians can now use breakthrough web-based tools to practice, with content being "augmented" online and pushed by publishers, composers and teachers.

New York, NY
Zype is a cloud-based video technology service for premium video content owners to build, scale and manage direct-to-consumer streaming destinations. Zype makes it easy to deliver branded mobile, set-top, and web apps to viewers everywhere.

Chicago, IL
LyteShot has developed a sensor-based mobile gaming platform that digitally connects physical play via the cloud using a player's smartphone or heads up display (HUD). LyteShot takes the latest consumer technology to get gaming out of the living room and into the real world by digitally connecting physical gaming anywhere.

Los Angeles, CA
Get down and dirty with MakersKit. Expert Makers Mike Stone and Jawn McQuade turn you into a maker with DIY project kits paired with entertaining video guides. Learn a new skill in under five minutes!

El Segundo, CA
Powered by The Entertainment Graph, a powerful graph database that catalogs, organizes, and draws meaningful connections between all of the world’s entertainment, MediaHound simplifies the sharing, discovery and consumption of all music, books, games, film and television.

Digital Health and Life Sciences Technologies

Accel Diagnostics
Pittsburgh, PA
Accel Diagnostics has developed proprietary smart phone enabled blood diagnostic platforms that enable people to self-test and monitor their health conditions, anytime, anywhere - empowering the transformation from a hospital to patient-centered care.
Philadelphia, PA
20 Years from now, patients with organ failures are going to be able to receive custom replacement organs built on 3D bioprinters and constructed out of their own cells. We allow people to print living tissue and build with life.

Eko Devices
Berkeley, CA
Eko Devices is introducing the world's most intelligent stethoscope - Eko. After simply connecting Eko's digital attachment to their analog stethoscopes, clinicians will be able to securely record, share, and analyze patient heart sounds from the convenience of any smart device.

Bellevue WA
Litesprite builds games to help people manage chronic health conditions like stress, anxiety/depression, cancer, or diabetes. We collect data from our games, phones, and biosensors, and provide predictive recommendations to patients, their support networks, clinicians, and health organizations.

Tel Aviv, Israel
MobileOCT uses mobile phones to detect cancer. It's first product is the mobile colposcope, a smartphone based device used by health workers in low resource settings to identify cervical cancer, a global health priority that requires upwards of 700 million screenings per year.

Smart Temperature Patch
Sherman Oaks, CA
Smart Temperature Patch is the thermometer reinvented for the 21st century. The STEMP sensor, medical-grade adhesives, and smartphone apps work together seamlessly to provide immediate, accurate, continuous body temperature measurement. Think of it as the thermometer meets the band-aid.

Hamburg, Germany
Tinnitracks is a multi-awarded audiology technology offering a tinnitus treatment based on clinical trials. Developed by German-based Sonormed, the solution transforms everyday music into a targeted neuroacoustic treatment for tinnitus patients. Come and see the new mobile solution!

Tute Genomics
Salt Lake City, UT
Tute Genomics is a cloud-based software platform for healthcare that enables Predictive, Preventive, and Precision medicine through genomics, using machine learning to quickly go from DNA to diagnosis and discovery.

Big Health
San Francisco, CA
Delivering personalized behavioral medicine via web and mobile to the highest standards of clinical evidence. Big Health's products include Sleepio, the digital sleep improvement program clinically proven to help overcome even long-term poor sleep without pills.

Aliso Viejo, CA
Gobiquity Mobile Health brings innovative specialty diagnostics to primary care providers, allowing them to acquire clinically significant data and improve clinical decision-making. Gobiquity’s products are focused on data driven preventative care and are built on a transformative mobile platform, broadly deployable at a low cost.

Stride Health
San Francisco, CA
Stride Health is the first health insurance recommendation engine. Using Stride Health, Americans can accurately forecast annual medical expenses in a few minutes and a dozen clicks. Stride also filters a plan recommendation with preferred doctors, prescription drugs, and clinical efficacy of doctors included.

Innovative World Technologies

The Central, Singapore
CreoPop is an innovative 3D drawing pen with a large selection of cool inks including different colors, elastic ink, magnetic ink, glow-in-the-dark ink, temperature sensitive ink, conductive ink and body paint ink.

Atlanta, GA
Groundfloor is the first microlending community for real estate. Together we back independent builders with secured loans that pay 6-26% annually. Founded by Brian Dally and Nick Bhargava, Groundfloor is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.

Geneva, Switzerland
ProtonMail is building the secure online communications platforms of the future, starting with email. We believe that privacy matters, and we are developing the tools to allow anyone to reclaim their digital privacy.

Cambridge, MA
RapidSOS replaces our 1960 emergency communication infrastructure with a suite of advanced technologies. From One-Touch-911 which provides first responders with a host of advanced data in seconds to geolocalized mass notification and predictive analytics—RapidSOS is transforming emergency communication.

San Diego, CA
SLANTRANGE makes farming more productive. Our sensors and analytics tools provide new insights on crop health for improving yields while reducing costs, uncertainty, and global environmental impacts. SLANTRANGE is the intelligence system for the low-cost agricultural drone.

Oakland, CA
SmartyPans is a smart cooking pan that connects to our recipe app and gives step-by-step cooking instructions. The pan has three sensors that measure weight, temperature and humidity which the app uses to alter instructions based on your cooking environment.

ZUtA Labs
Los Angeles, CA
At ZUtA Labs, we invented the first robotic Pocket Printer.
This unique handheld printer moves across the paper and prints as it rolls across the page. This allows the small printer to work on any size and type paper.

Kingston, NY
Anchor ID sells an enterprise-grade smartphone app, which allows any sized enterprise to easily authenticate user access to websites and mobile apps. Our login process has fewer steps, provides better security, and utilizes biometrics, geo-fencing and more for multi-factor authentication.

Austin, TX
ThinkVoting is working with leading civic organizations to bring mobile technology to the democratic process. Our platform connects voters and candidates, and revolutionizes how citizens interact in a 21st century democracy.

Seattle, WA
Final is issuing a credit card that gives consumers total control over their merchant relationships. Rather than a single, static 16-digit card number, Final generates multiple card numbers the consumer can restrict, and manages them automatically.

Social Technologies

Venice, CA
There’s a fundamental problem between social media and television: social media is about discussing it now, TV’s about watching it whenever. Cooler resolves this crisis by re-sequencing your social feeds, eliminating spoilers and making social media safe for TV again.

Austin, TX
Unite everyone’s videos into one video with our app. Record your video, designate a recipient and delivery date – then, invite your friends to join you with their own videos. Peepsqueeze unites them all into one seamless, downloadable video.

Platypus TV
Camillus, NY
Platypus TV is a second screen social experience for television audiences. Through the smartphone app users can play friend and community conversations that are timed to episodes. No matter when users watch, relevant conversation and audiences are always available.

Nuevo León, Mexico
Polsie is a fast way of creating an online store regardless of its size. The platform is fed by Instagram and based on a trigger action ecosystem that allows you to go from none too full in a few minutes.

Austin, TX
RealSavvy is Pinterest for Real Estate. Consumers pin homes to boards they share to help organize their online home search. Agents get a CRM built to simplify client collaboration.

Reveal Chat
Seattle, WA
Reveal is an anonymous chat app that lets you build rich, one-on-one relationships with people next door or around the globe.

Chicago, IL
Verie, LLC began in 2014 with the idea to turn a user's smartphone into a virtual online ID card. Verie will create a secure social network of ID-verified individuals, interacting confidently with one another and with our Enterprise Customers.

Seattle, WA
Vhoto is an iOS app that allows you to record create and share amazing video highlights. Vhoto uses machine learning and computer vision technology to quickly find the best images and clips all from the palm of your hand.

Artifact Technologies
Seattle, WA
Artifact Technologies is a Seattle-based software development company specializing in location-based technologies. A pioneer in content-rich beacon programming and integration, Artifact Technologies partners with events, attractions and entertainment/education industry leaders to build world-class experiences on the company’s proprietary Mixby platform.

New York, NY
Shout is a place where any passionate group can build their own marketplace. We call them streams and each stream is led by a moderator. Moderators receive a percentage of each transaction processed in their marketplace. Imagine eBay meets Reddit.

Round Rock, TX
With just a few quick taps, Weaver creates beautifully illustrated cards to add context to your conversation. Weaver is ideal for platforms where you are on-the-go so you can share moments without leaving them.

Wearable Technologies

Chattanooga, TN
Feetz provides custom fit shoes with our patented SizeMeTM technology solution. Take photos of your feet, design your shoes, we’ll 3D print them with custom materials, and deliver them to your door within 7 days.

Kansas City, MO
FitBark is a beautiful activity monitor that helps you better understand your dog's health and behavior. The rich data sets we seamlessly generate help veterinarians, animal pharmas, food and insurance companies better target or validate their products and services.

Canton, MA
Kohana is developing the Gala Pump, a first-in-class compression breast pump. Our innovative design uses simple inflatable bladders to compress the breast, simulating the age-old art of hand expression. The Gala Pump is a more natural, discreet and efficient product than the vacuum breast pumps currently on the market.

Pittsburgh, PA
SolePower is turning you into your own power source with their EnSoles: energy harvesting insoles that charge your mobile devices using your footsteps. Every step you take is a step closer to a full battery!

San Francisco, CA
Spire is the only wearable to track movement and state-of-mind throughout the entire day. By measuring breathing patterns, Spire brings awareness to levels of focus, tension and calm, prompting users to modify behavior in real time to achieve their goals.

Stockholm, Sweden
Tinitell is a wristphone and GPS-tracker for kids. It’s durable, water-resistant and designed in Sweden. Our mission is to enable outside play with a connected device. Tinitell is a back to basics phone for kids that like to play outside!

Waverly Labs
New York, NY
Waverly Labs is developing a smart earpiece for the connected professional, designed as a personal assistant, advanced communication tool for groups and teams, and a universal language translation device.

New York, NY
Softspot by Moonlab. We engineer soft wearable technology. It is a patent pending, networked, sensing and actuating fabric patch that can be integrated into any textile-based product. It is controlled with a mobile APP.

Overland Park, KS
ShotTracker is a wearable device that measures basketball players' performance. The wristband or compression sleeve sensor, net sensor and app work together via BLE to track shot attempts, location, makes and misses.

Sunnyvale, CA
WiActs offers a stylish multifactor authentication wearable device (in a form of a ring) that provides unique authentication credentials for the bearer. This local authentication solution extremely enhances security while improving user experience and respecting users' privacy.

Interactive Accelerator Emcees

Mikal Belicove
Journalist/Magazine Columnist
Entrepreneur Magazine

Jeffery Dachis
Chief Executive Officer and Founder
One Drop

Chris Dannen Senior Editor

Fran Hauser
Rothenberg Ventures

Leah Hunter
Fast Company

Brad King
Assistant Professor
Ball State University

Andrew McLaughlin

Bob Metcalfe
Professor of Innovation
Cockrell School of Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin

Mia Saini
TV Reporter
Bloomberg TV

Robert Scoble
Startup Liaison Officer

Laurie Segall
Tech correspondent

Ralph Simon
CEO & Co-Founder

Sir Mix A Lot
Rhyme Cartel Records

Sonny Vu
Misfit Wearables

Alex Wood
Editor in Chief
Tech City News

Interactive Accelerator Judges

Milena Adamian, MD
General Partner
Azimuth Ventures

Renata Akhunova
Formula VC Venture Fund

David Aronoff
General Partner
Flybridge Capital Partners

Thomas Ball
General Partner
Austin Ventures

Dalton Caldwell
Y Combinator

Kevin Colleran
Venture Partner
General Catalyst

Adam D’Augelli
True Ventures

Casper de Clercq
Norwest Venture Partners

Laura Deming
The Longevity Fund

Salil Desphpande
Managing Director
Bain Capital

Don Dodge
Developer Relations

Stacy Feld
Senior Director
Johnson and Johnson Innovation

Justin Fishner-Wolfson
Managing Partner and Co-founder

Richard Garriott de Cayeux

Joan Gillman
TWC Media

Dayna Grayson

Kevin Hale
Y Combinator

Christine Herron
Intel Capital

Charles Hudson
SoftTech VC

Mohanjit Jolly
Managing Director
Draper Fisher Jurvetson

Nadeem Kassam
Zynik Capital Corporation

Nina Kjellson
General Partner
InterWest Partners

Kay Koplovitz
Founder USA Networks & Syfy, Chairman of Springboard Enterprises
Koplovitz & Company LLC

Ethan Kurzweil
Bessemer Venture Partners

Ben Ling
Khosla Ventures

Hany Nada
GGV Capital

James Park
CEO & Co-Founder

Cameron Purdy
Senior Vice President of Development

Cynthia Ringo
Managing Partner
DBL Investors

Tim Rowe
Founder and CEO

Mood Rowghani
Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers

Bryan Stolle
General Partner
Mohr Davidow Ventures

Maria Thomas
Axios Ventures

Hamet Watt
Venture Partner
Upfront Ventures

Scott Weiss
General Partner
Andreessen Horowitz

Michael Yang
Managing Director
Comcast Ventures