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Several 2014 SXSW sessions explore serendipity and online dating
Written by Kelly Krause | December 17, 2013

Assisted Serendipity with Online Dating Sessions at SXSW Interactive

For a moment, while reading David Vecsey's Modern Love piece in Sunday's New York Times, I thought I was hearing the history of my parents' endearing courtship in the 70's. He tells a sweet story about his experience with young love in a pre-Internet era that completely reminded me...

Jean Case speaks at SXSW Interactive on Friday, March 7
Written by Jessica Cox | December 17, 2013

A Fearless Approach to Social Change: Jean Case to Speak Friday, March 7 at SXSW Interactive

As we approach the holiday season and recall all the things we are grateful for, we are reminded that giving is always better than receiving.

A champion of philanthropy, Jean Case, CEO of the Case Foundation, has been a leader in holiday giving efforts this season, and we look...

Workshops at the 2013 SXSW Interactive Festival
Written by Nanci Lancaster | December 13, 2013

Extended Workshops for the 2014 SXSW Interactive Festival: 12 Reasons Why You Should Attend!

You know the various kinds of sessions at SXSW Interactive, including panels, and keynotes, and mentors, and meet ups. But do you know, one of the newest programs of all? SXSW Interactive extended workshops first came to you in March 2013. In the spirit of the holidays, here...