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Important SXSW e-mail addressees:

For general questions about the SXSW Interactive Festival, click here
For more specific questions related to:

  • SXSW Accelerator, contact Chris Valentine
  • SXSW Accelerator Awards, contact Chris Valentine
  • SXSW Create, contact Aaron Haley
  • SXSW Dewey Awards, contact Tammy Lynn Gilmore
  • SXSW Digital Creative Job Market, contact Val Link
  • SXSW Evening Events, contact Katie King
  • SXSW Gaming Awards, contact Mason Stewart
  • SXSW Gaming Expo, contact Justin Burnham
  • SXSW Gaming Panels and Programing , contact Andrew McNeill
  • SXSW Hotels and Lodging, click here
  • SXSW Interactive Innovation Awards, contact Mason Stewart
  • SXSW Lounges, contact Katie King
  • SXSW Marketing Opportunities, contact Katie King
  • SXSW Press and Media Coverage, contact Kelly Krause
  • SXSW Registration, click here
  • SXSW Scholarship Program, contact Tammy Lynn Gilmore
  • SXSW Sessions and Programming, click here
  • SXSW Startup Village, contact Chris Valentine
  • SXSW Trade Show, contact Katie King

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