So Many Different Types of Sessions to Choose From at SXSW Interactive

Sessions Showcase Innovation and Creativity

SXSW Interactive Festival daytime sessions encompass a variety of topics from health, privacy, hacking and design to non-profits, fashion, space exploration and gaming -- and everything in between. While the specific subject matter differs from venue to venue, the common theme at all of these sessions in March in Austin are the values of innovation, creativity and inspiration. The formats and duration also tend to differ depending on session type -- please read below for more details on the variety of programming options we offer at SXSW Interactive.

SXSW Interactive Festival Session Formats

The crux of each day's programming, Keynote Presentations are internally-curated, hour-long talks that take the form of either a solo talk, an interview, or a conversation between two individuals. These presentations bring to the stage some of the industry's most inspired thinkers.

Featured Sessions
SXSW Featured Sessions are a series of noteworthy presentations designed to inspire, enlighten and inform. These speakers are some of the most well respected and accomplished thought leaders in their industries, so you won't want to miss the opportunity to benefit from their experience and expertise. 

Solo, Dual and Panel Presentations

The majority of programming at SXSW Interactive consists of panel, dual or solo presentations. Panels typically feature one moderator and up to three additional industry experts who represent different perspectives and opinions. Solo and dual presentations offer less diversity of opinion but more in-depth analysis. Each of these formats are one hour in length.

Core Conversations
The informal discussions that take place in the hallways between sessions have traditionally been one of the most productive parts of the SXSW Interactive Festival. In 2008 we formalized this process by adding our Core Conversation program, sessions in which a single moderator leads an open discussion with attendees around a specific topic for an hour's time.

Book Readings
From Malcolm Gladwell to Jonah Berger, authors have always been a big part of the SXSW Interactive Festival. The Book Reading program showcases some of the most interesting new titles related to creativity and innovation in media. Authors are given 20 minutes to talk about their new work, after which they are available to sign copies of their work at the nearby SXBookstore.

Our in-depth, instructional workshop program was a new addition to the 2013 SXSW Interactive Festival and was widely successful. These sessions offer advanced level technical information that revolves around a particular topic or skill. Workshops enable SXSW registrants to gain even more expertise in their particular area of interest, and vary from two-and-a-half, four, or eight hours total time, dependent on the topic at hand. Advanced sign up required.

Future15s are a series of 12-minute solo presentations that are curated from proposals submitted to the PanelPicker. These short-form presentations have proven to be immensely popular with SXSW attendees, who generally want to digest as much information as quickly as possible. Future15 presentations are grouped into two-hour blocks of programming related to a single theme.

Meet Ups
Designed to provide a set time and place for SXSW registrants to network with other creative industry professionals who share similar career paths, passions, and social interests, Meet Ups are a very well-received aspect of SXSW Interactive. In 2014, look for even more Meet Ups covering even more topics at even more locations throughout the downtown Austin area.

Mentor Sessions
Mentor Sessions aim to pair relative newcomers in the field of technology with experienced new media professional for seven minutes of intense, one-on-one career coaching. Our mentors range in areas of expertise and make themselves available for an hour's time. Advanced sign up required.

If you have ideas, suggestions or questions about SXSW daytime programming, then please feel free to contact us at this address.