South By Southwest Interactive News

Thursday, Dec 3, 2015

Music Badge Options for Budget Conscious Techies

Written by Hugh Forrest

Registering for SXSW Interactive 2016 provides the most opportunities to absorb the most tech-focused content, while networking with some of the world’s most forward-thinking digital creatives. But if you are a techie who wants to take part in March 2016 activities, then remember there are a number of other...

Wednesday, Dec 2, 2015

The Personal Robot Revolution: No Longer Science Fiction [Video]

Written by Henry Heuck

Highly-intelligent robots have piloted past Pluto, explored the depths of the ocean, survived the extreme heat of volcanoes, and now, they’re moving into the home. Many science fiction fans are already familiar with the concept of having an automated, animatronic assistant, but now, that idea is closer than ever to...

Wednesday, Dec 2, 2015

SXSW Gaming Snapshot: Join My Fantasy Esports League?

Written by Estevan Aviles

Esports as an industry is having a huge year of growth, even though many continue to struggle with the concept of what it actually is. Meanwhile, large investors are pouring money into developing the competitive esports scenes across the world. And while esports as a competition is growing, fantasy esports...

Tuesday, Dec 1, 2015

Community Fund Grant Winner: Skillpoint Alliance [Interview]

Earlier this year, SXSW announced the five recipients of the SXSW Community Fund Grants. Each of the recipients applied for a grant in the area most reflective of the work they are doing to create better communities. Please read on for our interview with the Austin-based Skillpoint Alliance....