SXSW Major Sponsorship

A Major Sponsorship allows brands to have maximum exposure for the entire duration of a specific conference—Interactive, Film or Music—plus inclusion in SXSW’s regional, national and international promotional campaign. Aligning with a specific conference is a great way to reach upscale, active young adults for whom entertainment, arts, leisure and multimedia products are a primary part of their lifestyle. SXSW works closely with Major Sponsors to reach their target demographics, customize their sponsorship activation approach based on their audience, integrate sponsor offerings and achieve their overall marketing objectives.

Major Interactive Sponsor, Pennzoil and the Mario Kart Reimagined activation, SXSW 2014

Major Sponsorships include assets such as:

  • Planning support and promotion of unique sponsor activations
  • Exclusivity within category at the Major Sponsorship level of the selected conference
  • The ability to use the specific SXSW event name and logo in promotional campaigns
  • High visibility pre-event and onsite brand association throughout the designated SXSW Conference and Festival
  • Integration opportunities, weaving your brand or product into the fabric of influential SXSW events at selected conference

For more information on Major Sponsorship opportunities, please contact us.